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Any fans of death metal here? I am. I'm usually the first one to start up a thread about it. It is safe to say it is my favorite genre. I also create my own death metal.

Besides Cannibal Corpse (my favorite band of all-time), I also listen to Blood Red Throne, Infected Virulence, Demented Ted and many more. :evil:


I like Dissection (they're more blackened death), Vomitory, a bit of Bloodbath, Immolation, (old) Nile, etc.. probably forgetting a bunch.

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Death metal is the most hardcore type of music for me. Not really a fan but I wonder how other people can listen to it! It seems like a lot of banging and chaos.


First it starts with classic metal, then you start getting a little heavier with thrash, then even heavier with death metal. That's usually how it happens, not many people jump into death metal right away.

Haiduk - New Albu\m/ - Exomancer

Exomancer, by Haiduk


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I'm typically a fan of melodic death metal myself, but there are a few death metal bands that I still love to listen to every now and then. Some of my favorite old school death metal albums are mainly from Bolt Thrower, Death, and old-school Amorphis. I also REALLY enjoy Entombed and Dismember's early works, as they bring some of the melodic edge that eventually led to the melodic death scene in Gothenburg. This is one of my favorite death metal tracks... it includes one of the most incredible outro's I've ever heard in a metal song.



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Nick's 2019 slate is pretty good. Star Trek and Lego City have my attention most. Tho it doesn't mean I believe Robbins is good just yet. We'll have to actually see him in action, I mean Christina Miller turned out to be a thousand times worse than Snyder.
Oof.... Vailskibum94's channel was terminated hours ago today.... just because of a Club Penguin video..... and Disney doesn't even own Club Penguin anymore, because the game is closed..... YouTube is being really unfair with their copyright system..... :(
Oh, the irony - while foreign feeds of Cartoon Network ban just about anything, CN USA started to show Shrek completely uncut - with the "offensive" words intact - in 2017! Around the time when Cartoon Network feeds worldwide were already ruled by the nanny state!
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