DC Comics Animation - General Animated Feature News & Discussion Thread, Part 9 (Spoilers)

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Well, I guess we can finally scratch Red Son off the list ;).

But not that I mind knowing about this stuff ahead of time to get hyped for them, but I feel like WB needs to start cutting down on these leaks, especially when Death and a few other films leaked :ack:.

Though coupled with Long Halloween, I wonder if that means we'll be seeing more Elseworlds, independent, movies next year to balance out this year having more in-continuity films :)?


Yes, have some.
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Well, we know Elseworlds is being explored and Red Son has been on their list for awhile to adapt. No surprise. But. Whoever's leaking this info, if it's even correct info, is just digging themselves a grave with marketing. It would be amusing if they set a trap with these recent leaks and planting some fake information to know who the culprit was.
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I think some of the hassle, repercussions or whatever for all these leaks would be avoided if they simply mentioned these are just rumors, and not "exclusive announcements". Especially this new bit about "Red Son", which seems to be posted just because a more official and trustworthy site posted some casting news before them (giving them the benefit of the doubt they also had access to this info thanks to their leaks).

Anyway - if/when "Red Son" is released, they should really add the Justice League Action episode "Keeping up with the Kryptonians" as a bonus.

It's cool they're moving forward with more "Elseworlds" titles - and not just in animation either, since the "Arrowverse" shows also had something similar.

Mark Millar re-Tweeted the "Red Son" article.(Edit #2 - he deleted it in the meantime). He mentioned he has no idea of any details, but hopes Paul Dini and Bruce Timm would be involved.
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