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All rules in the General Board FAQ apply at the DC Animation Forum. If you haven't read them yet, read them now. As always, feel free to contact any of your DC Animation Forum Moderators if you have any questions.

DC Animation Forum Rules:

1) Critique

Please keep all criticism of Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network other related entities, staff, and cast, polite and intelligent.

Action: Moderators will edit a post if they deem something is lacking and issue an in-thread warning. A Poke, Warning, and so on will be issued if behavior continues without change.

2) Spoilers

If a thread has a spoiler warning in the title [ex: "Green Lantern: The Animated Series News & Discussion Thread (SPOILERS)"] then spoilers about that series can be included without spoiler tags, but spoilers about other series cannot.

ii. If a talkback thread for a specific episode from a series has a spoiler warning in the title [ex: Young Justice "Denial" Talkback (SPOILERS)] then spoilers for episodes aired that week or previously on the same network can be included without spoiler tags. Spoilers for future episodes or of future develpments in the season not yet aired require spoiler tags

iii. Otherwise, all spoilers must be in spoiler tags.

iv. Also, it is considered common courtesy to let other board members know what series and episode a spoiler is from outside of the spoiler tag if it's not obvious from the context of the thread. This lets them know whether they want to read that spoiler or not.

v. If an episode has aired overseas before it aired in the USA, it is recommended to refrain from talking about it but if members must, it must be in spoiler tags, even if a thread has "Spoilers" in the title. Not every person wishes to know ahead of time what happens in a future episode and may simply be looking for regular news items. Please be polite and respectful of other members who do not want to know.

vi. Not knowing how to create a spoiler box is not a valid excuse for revealing spoilers in a post. Information on how to is included here on the Rules or a user should send a Private Message to a Moderator asking how. Continuing to post spoilers with an excuse of not knowing how to create a spoiler box will eventually lead to infractions.

vii. To put text in a spoiler box, simply enclose it in spoiler tags: (spoiler)This is a spoiler.(/spoiler) but using square brackets [] in place of parentheses () as seen in this example

Action: Moderators will edit a post with a tag if they deem something is a spoiler and issue an in-thread warning. A Poke, Warning, and so on will be issued if behavior continues without change.

3) List Threads

There may be a thread or discussion which seems to encourage the posting of lists. If you must post a list thread, please remember that we're looking for a DISCUSSION, not just making lists for the sake of making lists or padding your post count.

ii. Each and every entry in the list must be accompanied by some sort of discussion or justification. If somebody makes a thread asking about your favorite characters from a television show or movie, and you have five favorite characters, you should explain why each of them is your favorite. The goal of a forum is to generate discussion, and lists don’t generate discussion.

Action: Simply posting without explaining why you feel that way is equal to spam and is subject to disciplinary action - an in-thread warning, Poke, or Warning.

List posts in otherwise useful threads will be deleted. Pokes or Warnings will be handed out as necessary. Threads composed almost entirely of list posts will likewise be closed or deleted.

Here's is what's okay and what's not okay:




My favorite characters in the DCAU are:

Batman: I love seeing how he can beat up anybody, disappear from Gordon all the time, use his brains and all those gadgets, and say some great one-liners.

Flash: Sure, he can get annoying, but the show wouldn't be the same without Wally. Also his interactions with the other Leaguers are totally hilarious.

Question: I love how plain nutty his thoughts are. What can I say, I've always got a soft spot for the conspiracy nut of the team.

4) You Tube

While some linking to the website is okay-- it is misused, particularly in the area of animation downloads.

At Toon Zone, there is NO linking to copyrighted material whatsoever without full written permission of the copyright holder, OR discussion on finding or using such links or material.

i. Linking to copyrighted material such as animated television shows and movies, is strictly not allowed. Please don't do it, as it is a violation of the rules you agreed to when you signed up here.

ii. This also goes for asking for links or copyrighted material. Don't do it.

iii. If you are unsure if you can link to something-- You can ask a moderator.

iv. i to iii. applies for all other video sites.

v. Fan made mash-ups are subject to approval by Moderators.

Action: Posting links to material that you shouldn't be linking to, can result in Warnings or a Full Ban, so check with a moderator if you are unsure.

Here's what is okay and what is not okay:


"Hey! CN has a new commercial for Young Justice! You can see it on You Tube Here!"
You can link to a cartoon commercial


"Hey! I loved this [movie, episode, cartoon] and someone uploaded it to You Tube! You can see it Here!"

5) Language

i. Toon Zone is not immune to casual swearing and not so casual swearing. Explicit language on other Toon Zone forums may be overlooked, but don't expect it to be here. The rule of thumb is be tasteful with your opinions and there are many words out there that better illustrate your thoughts. Leniency will be considered in the discussion thread of content that is a hard PG-13 to R.

a. The use of the following words: hell, ass, damn, and crap are permitted

b. The words in listed in section a. cannot be used
* when used towards another member (i.e. I read your post, user1, and you are full of crap)
* when used against someone on the production crew or cast of an animated series, movie, short, etc. (i.e. I just watched X Movie and I think Writer is full of crap and can go to hell)

ii. The same thing applies to "filtered" words or alternate spellings: sh*t, *****hole, @*#$, and the word-filter "****" are not permitted.

iii. No words related to sexual assault are allowed. This applies to words such as rape, rapist, and sodomize.

Action: Moderators will edit and/or delete posts as need be and handing out an in-thread warning, Pokes, Warnings, respectively if a member continues to engage in such language.

6) Disagreements

Do not flame other members. Treat your fellow board-mates with respect. Do not seek to inflame or aggravate them. Remember, the people you are arguing against are not evil incarnate; they merely have a different opinion. You must treat that opinion with the basic amount of respect if you are going to have any hope of getting them to change it or continue to engage them in a positive exchange.

Action: Moderators have many options to deal with flame wars - anywhere from an in-thread warning to a full ban of some to all members involved.

7) Posting Images

When posting an image in your post, please do so with a thumbnail as not all images you come across are of the same size.

ii. If you can't find a thumbnail for the image you want to post, just post the link to it or post it in a spoiler tag.

iii. In case of any image posted, it must be in good taste and be free of crude language behavior, innuendo, and such.

iv. It is not recommended for members to take images from other websites and post them here without proper credit. Always mention the website an image originates from and provide a link to the article.

Action: If a Moderator deems the image(s) too large, especially in a list, they have the power to change the image to a link, thumbnail, or spoiler tag. An in-thread warning, Poke, Warning, and so on will be issued if behavior does not change.

8) Posting

When posting, your post must have at least three to five words (a complete sentence). One to two word replies or posting only a smiley or a link is considered spam.

Action: A Moderator will either send a Private Message and/or issue an in-thread warning.If the user does not comply in 24 hours, the Moderator has the right to delete the post. If the user continues this behavior, further action will be taken for each additional infraction.

Here's is what's okay and what's not okay:



I agree, that was really crazy when John mentioned Plastic Man. He never appeared at all! :)

ii) Do not not post twice or more in a row. This constitutes spam.

Action: A Moderator will merge posts and issue a Poke or Warning to user.

iii) Do not take the thread off topic.

Action: A Moderator will issue a Poke or Warning to user.

iv) Do not post in a thread that has been active for years unless you have significant contribution to make.

Action: A Moderator will delete posts and issue a Poke or Warning to user.

Alternative Solution: Utilize the Multi-Quote button. On each post there is a button on the bottom right corner. It is a dialogue balloon with a quote mark in it and a plus sign next to it. Click it once then repeat for other posts you want to quote. Once you are ready to post, click the Reply Button at the bottom of the last post of the page.Or you can also do this:
  1. Right click on the "Reply with Quote" button and open it in a new tab or window
  2. Then Copy the quote (ctrl+C or Edit and Copy in the browser's Drop Down Menu)
  3. Come back to your original tab or window
  4. Press the Edit button for your first post
  5. Then Paste the copied quote (ctrl+V or Edit and Paste in the browser's Drop Down Menu)
  6. Type your new thoughts
  7. Then hit the Save button
9) Solicitation

Solicitation of any nature is not allowed here. Anything that requires a user to leave the forum and perform a task such as petitions, surveys, or personal reviews must either be restricted to the Signature or sent to a Moderator for review. Self-Promotion is restricted to Signatures only.

Action: A Moderator will issue an in-thread warning and close the thread or delete post.

10) No Politics and Social Issues

The rule from Cafe Toonzone also applies to his board. See here.
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