DBZKAI (Nicktoons Version) Question


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May 27, 2009
I think what he was trying to say was why isn't DBZ Kai doing the Buu saga. I don't have an answer but I wish they did do the Buu saga. I like the Kai song and how the openings are put together.


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Apr 21, 2011
Hammond IN
No the TC seems to be talking about the Nicktoons version exclusively and not Kai as a whole. See he's saying why "Nicktoons" is cutting the buu saga and not why Kai does not have a Buu Saga. those are two different questions.

Anyway like Radiant said Nicktoons is not cutting the Buu saga they only have the rights to DBZ Kai which has no Buu Saga. I guess Nicktoons does not want to get the rights to air Dragon Ball Z just for one Saga.

Really Nicktoons is not to blame for kai not having a Buu Saga.


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