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Dark TV Vault: Otherworld

Extra note: Free Spirit has been bought by Microsoft. This won't affect next week's return of the webcomic in any way, except for the 2-minute reading limit and the paid DLC, plus the exclusivity of access to Internet Explorer.


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Taking a look at one of my favorite obscure shows, I see?

I know it's terribly weird, but I think it was an interesting concept that, if done right, could've been an American equivalent to Quatermass. I really wish someone would show those five episodes, if they really existed, but alas, it's probably a pipe dream.

Yes, I still want to continue it. I just have no time, or inspiration, right now.

For the interested, there's a little more info, and clips, here:

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The copyright records on Otherworld -- the production codes listed there go up to 11, so I guess there were 13, unless Universal messed with the production codes. The prod. numbers on epguides.com's A-Team season 5 go up to 21, but there's only 13.

I haven't seen either show.


It just came to me but I feel like Infinity Train is the closest thing we'll ever get to an Otherworld remake/reboot.

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