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Sep 24, 2003
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Who’s the porcelain tableware who can’t seem to keep out of trouble? We’re talkin’ about Cuphead, and some huge news came from Studio MDHR today. Is his world expanding?
It isn’t another game, but it could potentially be just as good: Netflix is working on a Cuphead animated series. Officially called The Cuphead Show! (appropriately enough), the series will be overseen by the game’s creators, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, alongside co-executive producers Dave Wasson (those new Mickey Mouse shorts) and Cosmo Segurson (Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling, which still hasn’t been released).
The game that has won the hearts and minds of fans with its gorgeous retro hand-animated style, crazy boss-brawls, and challenging gameplay will come to life on television for the first time ever in The Cuphead Show!. The new series will expand on the characters and world of Cuphead, with an animation style inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoons from the 1930s.
The character-driven comedy follows...
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