Could Animation Get More Respect By The General Public Due To The Pandemic?

Could Animation Get More Respect By The General Public Due To The Pandemic?

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So, the COVID19 pandemic has essentially thrown the world into chaos. It's no laughing matter. However, with a lot of bad situations, there's usually a silver lining. The silver lining here is that the animation industry can still go on with little problems. Whereas live action projects like the MCU and DCEU movies can't go ahead with shooting since it involves being in constant contact with others, animation can be done remotely. It's all that can be done safely at this point. It's no secret that animation tends to be looked down upon by the general public because "It's just for kids" or "It's not real art" or something like that. There was an interview 2 weeks ago where Phineas And Ferb co-creator Dan Povenmire said how he's glad to be working in animation, especially given how the pandemic, while it slowed things down a bit, hasn't stopped things from going forward. When the pandemic inevitably blows over (whenever that is), do you think animation can be given more respect?

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I think it might become more prevalent to some extent because it's easier to accomplish production from home in comparison to full-on live-action productions.


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