Could an Excel Saga reboot work?

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Zorak Masaki

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May 6, 2002
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They actually went through two voice actors for Excel since her original (dub) voice nearly blew out her vocal chords. I'd rather a new Excel Saga be original though, as I loved the crazy, Mad Magazine-style insanity and parodies of the original (can you imagine all the stuff they could poke fun at now?).

Classic Speedy

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May 13, 2003
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Was the anime popular enough in Japan to warrant a reboot? I'm genuinely asking; I really don't know enough about anime sales figures in its native country. I do know that it was somewhat of a success in America, which I partially attribute to its superlative English dub.

Anyway, I started reading the manga a few years ago (haven't finished yet- more due to lack of money/time than of dropping the series), mainly to see how it diverged from the anime. Unlike some adaptations, the Excel Saga anime diverged VERY quickly, so both mediums provided a unique experience. At least of the volumes I've read, the humor is more satirizing Japanese society than the anime, which was more wacky and Japanese pop culture parody based. So a hypothetical reboot could either go the FMA Brotherhood route and be more faithful to the manga's tone and story, or it could do its own thing again and create original stories using the same characters. Nothing wrong with either approach, IMO- it would be cool to see adaptations of some of the manga exclusive content (Elgala). That said, I have a soft spot for the tone of the anime, and I'm not one of these fans that demands anime adaptations be carbon copies of the original manga.


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