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Jul 9, 2008
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Adult Swim has much of their original series up on their website. This gives me an idea. They should upload the adult animated content of sister company Warner Bros. to their website too: namely the movies Hey Good Lookin' and A Scanner Darkly and the TV shows Baby Blues, Mission Hill and The Oblongs.


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Stephanie Sheh voicing Izzy Park the same way she does Sailor Moon has me considering the chance of Nazneen Contractor dubbing some "Sailor Moon" episodes I currently dont plan to buy.
Watched the newest Halloween yesterday
I can’t express my unpopular opinions without someone yelling or disagreeing at me why I’m a monster for thinking that way (liking adult animation, SpongeBob’s new episodes are inferior, etc.)
If you have Starz Encore Family (Not Kids & Family, but Family...) 1 hour as of this post, they'll be playing "Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas" and "Sonic Christmas Blast". (3:19pm-4:06pm EST) Both will play again at some point.
I'm at episode 50 of {Batman: TAS ∧ Hey Arnold}.