Colonel Bleep: 104 or 100 episodes?

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Apr 7, 2018
New Hampshire, U.S.
While many places say Colonel Bleep got 104 episodes, I've seen vintage sources give a number of 100 for the Soundac series. The latter includes issues of Broadcasting (now Broadcasting & Cable) magazine around the late 1960s, as well as the 1998 book Can't Wait Till Monday Morning: Syndication in Broadcasting by Marvin A. Kempner, someone who was involved with syndicating the series.

The issues of Broadcasting that mention Colonel Bleep having 100 episodes list the series among those syndicated by Sandy Frank Program Sales (a later company by Sandy Frank was responsible for Battle of the Planets). Another Soundac series, Mighty Mister Titan, was also distributed by SFPS for some time, and has also been listed as having 100 episodes.

Kempner, meanwhile, wrote that he made a deal for 100 episodes of Colonel Bleep, which was originally meant to get 52 episodes. Crew members Jack Schleh and Robert D. Buchanan were far from happy with the increase.

104 episodes is what's currently seen on sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, TV Tropes and Big Cartoon Database, as well as blog entries by people in the animation community, for Colonel Bleep. But are there any primary sources that use that number? Is there anything to verify that instead of 100?

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