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From the front page of AnimeSuperhero.com:

"New “Code Geass” Spinoff Info: Release Dates, New Trailer, Character Designs, Japanese Cast Reveals"​


"Code Geass was one of the biggest mecha anime franchises of the 2000s, and it still has a vocal fanbase to this very day. You can still possibly find a Lelouch cosplayer at your local con despite how long it’s been since the series ended. On May 10, 2024, a new spinoff incarnation of the series will debut on Disney+ in Japan, Rozé of the Recapture. Worldwide debut is set for late June. We can assume that its U.S. release will be on Hulu as that has been the trend for all anime properties Disney has licensed so far. The updated official synopsis reads:

“In the year Kouwa 7, in the former Hokkaido block of the United States of Japan occupied by the Neo-Britannian Empire, there were mercenary brothers known as the ‘Nanashi Mercenaries.’ The elder brother, Ash, possesses extremely superior athletic ability and advanced piloting skills for the Knightmare Frame, while the younger brother, Roze, is intelligent and in charge of information gathering and operational command. The 100th emperor of Britannia, Charis al Britannia, who had repelled the Black Knights’ liberation operation for four years with the impregnable energy barrier known as the Citumpe Barrier, together with Noland and the other Einberg Knights, are about to plunge the world into chaos once again.”"

Read the full article here.

Here's the trailer for the series:

Anyone have interest in a continuation of the "Code Geass" franchise?


Apr 2, 2024
Based on the description, the new Code Geass spin-off promises an exciting continuation of the story, highlighting new characters and returning to the signature world order and intrigue of the original series, which will likely provide interest not only to old fans, but also to attract new viewers.


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