CN Schedule Updates Part 3

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Oct 19, 2015
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In 2015, the 8pm hour was mostly used for Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Over the Garden Wall. Last two weeks were mostly Gumball/TTG, though.

2016 was mainly Regular Show and Steven Universe, with a bit of Gumball. TTG marathon happened during November, tho.


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Apr 24, 2016
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New episodes of Gumball? If it's just reruns, then I get the feeling that CN is getting the 8pm slot permanently, otherwise there would be no reason to have the timeslot.
Or it could that the Fall is coming up and everyone including me, should know that they usually do this around before Halloween.

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DISH had recent upgrades on the 61.5 orbital slot this early morning. My signal strengths got increased and transponders were moved to another.

How Cartoon Network and TBS moved to other transponders. :P
What I love from the commercial studio Psyop, is the Cricket Wireless critters (known as the Cricketters) in different shapes and colored in Green, Yellow and Blue. So imaginative and cute! :)
Most Europeans here don't know about the old Grinch Christmas special. Even in Portugal.
When Is the Nickelodeon Highlights usually up for December? I Was just wondering...
I just had a bizzaro dream that Frank Welker was in my computer lab on campus! o_0