CN new logo?

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This seems to be the Real Deal for the End of the Second Logo,

Here's a Pic:



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It's a pretty meh looking logo. It's not bad, but it seems to convey the same point as the old one. If they are going to use it though, hopefully they fix up that "N" block, which looks pretty awkward to me.

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This seems to be the Real Deal for the End of the Second Logo,

Here's a Pic:

Eh, that one's OK. Not that different from the previous one, except that the tiles are now straight and are now 2 dimensional. It could work, provided that Toon never messes with the colors. However, my favorite is still this one:


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With the exception of the "Cartoon Network" logo, a near-identical version of this logo was first used in a "Space Ghost : Coast 2 Coast" interstitial way back in early 1995. It's at 2:31 in this video:

Seeing as this new logo isn't much different than the current one, except that it's 2D, one could say that the current logo was used way back then as well.


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That was for the upfront. Just like last year with a different logo? Nothing changed.


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I think it might have been just for the upfront like John Dorian said. If it was registered in March and it's May now, why aren't they using it?

Anyways, if they do plan to use it, I suppose I'm in the minority when I say that I actually sort of like it. It's flat like the original logo, and I (after all these years) still like the original logo better than the current one. And at least this logo has the original colors back, instead of the current one which has too much black on it for my tastes. The font on this logo looks different from the one in the Space Ghost promo that Ace Goodheart put up, which looks better, but it's practically the same.

I still don't think this will be used, though it was interesting to see. It's a better logo than the one from last year's upfront too.


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Even if it won't ever be used on the channel, I'm with Mickialla in that I sort of like it. Flat, and just a tad bland, but it's not that big of a step up (or step down) from the logo they're using currently. Not too fond of the fond used for the words 'Cartoon Network', though, because it just looks like a generic, "techno"-style typeface.

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It's not bad from a design point of view. It's nice and neat and conveys the name decently. However the network is supposed to appeal to kids and I don't know any kid who would jump for joy when they see that logo.


Though I prefer Eagle over whatever font this uses, I don't really have any complaints on this logo other than the fact that the C doesn't appear to be aligned properly in its box.


I'm not liking this logo at all, it's so....bland. I like the logo as it is now, it fits the network just fine and looks really good so I really don't know why Cartoon Network would want to change it aside from a full rebranding or something, but even if thats the case then why go for something so generic looking? Blah, the logo is definitly fine as it is now.
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