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Jan 11, 2021
Based on themidnightlore's thread, you can discuss here why do you miss closed radio stations.

I'll begin with my list (all of them are Hungarian).

1-2) Danubius* and Class FM. Danubius was the first private radio station in Hungary. Launched in 1986 as a German-language radio on Lake Balaton, between 1987-1989 it gradually expanded its availability to the whole country and became Hungarian-only. It was state-owned (!) until New Year's Eve 1997, this was when it was privatized. On 19 November 2009, Danubius was replaced by Class FM, which was on-air for exactly 7 years (Danubius continued as an online radio until 28 January 2010). I only listened to Danubius in June 2009, but I was a frequent listener of Class FM from 2012 until its 2016 analog closure. Class FM then continued as an online radio until 26 October 2018.
*Danubius was resurrected as an online radio under different ownership on 1 February 2021 by renaming Nonstop Radio.

3) Juventus. This was the 2nd oldest private Hungarian radio station and the first to play music around the clock, launched on 23 April 1989 as a local radio of Siófok (AM 810 KHZ). It started broadcasting to Budapest (89,5 MHZ then to 103,9 MHZ in 2012) in July 1993 and moved its HQ to the capital city 2 years later. It was a nationwide radio twice: 1993-1998 and 2001-2011, then it became Budapest-only. It was renamed as Sláger FM on 2 November 2015. I was a frequent listener of it from 2008 until 2013.

4) Rádió 6. This was Százhalombatta's local radio also available on South Pest, launched on 6 November 2007 replacing Rádió Junior on 101,3 MHZ. It had a really outstanding music variety as I heard many disco music which weren't played on any other radio stations. We also listened to it because of Gem-B Bar (a music-mix program by DJ Gem-B). Closed down on 20 February 2014, most of the programs were moved to Lakihegy Rádió or Érd FM (the latter launched in place of Rádió 6 three days later).

5) Cegléd Rádió 88. Cegléd's local radio, it was a sister to Szeged's Rádió 88. Launched in September 1997 on 92,5 MHZ. This radio made a Guinness World Record in 1999. Unlike its Szeged counterpart, it kept its "ident" package until its rebranding. In 2011 the Hungarian media commission made a competition for the frequency, which was won by another company. "88" was removed from the name on April Fools Day 2012 (not a joke!), thus ending the relations. I miss it in its old form because it felt like Rádió 88 was a network radio with different schedules, like Rádió 1 or Best FM does today, although I listened to it rarely between 2009-2010.


Aug 15, 2018
while I'm not Canadian i live in the Metro Detroit area and since Detroit is right scross from Windsor, Ontairo we get some Canadian TV and Radio stations. The two radio stations that I'm talking about were 89x CIMX-FM and 93.9 The River CIDR-FM which shut down and changed formats last November. It realy sucked because they would play the Canadian bands that wouldn't get played too much or get unnoticed in the states.

But thankfully the day when those two stations changed formats another station 98.7 changed from Adult radio friendly hits to Alternative type stuff like those two stations used to be.


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