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Jul 6, 2015
Dear Brian,

I have a proposal for SHOUT! Factory: as I'm sure you know, SHOUT! Factory made an agreement with The Walt Disney Company for SHOUT! to issue the Complete Series of "Gravity Falls" on DVD and Blu Ray this Summer--on July 24.

That being said, I propose and suggest that SHOUT! make an overall agreement with Disney for SHOUT! Factory to issue Classic Disney Programming on DVD, including the following:

1. Teen Win, Lose or Draw -- For the first time ever on DVD, SHOUT! Factory shall release all 65 episodes of Disney Channel Original Game Show "Teen Win, Lose or Draw" as seen on Disney Channel from April 29, 1989 - September 26, 1992 in 5 13-episode Volumes, with various episodes featuring 4 Teen Contestants and 2 Teen Celebrity Guests per show competing in a Boys vs. Girls game where the object was to get their teammates to say words, names and phrased by drawing pictures. All 65 episodes of this show were Videotaped at The Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida and shall be released as duly noted on DVD on September 4, 2018 at a cost of only $19.99 per Volume wherever DVDs are sold.

2. The Wonderful World of Disney -- It'd be foolish NOT to remember the Disney Anthology Series, which has spanned nearly 65 years on all 3 networks--including its original network home, ABC (owned by Disney since 1995), since initially airing Wednesday Nights on ABC starting October 27, 1954, the day Walt Disney Productions became the first major film studio to enter TV production full-time. For the first time EVER, SHOUT! Factory shall bring select Best-of episodes of "The Wonderful World of Disney" (as it became known in 1969) to DVD at a cost of just $9.99 per DVD wherever DVDs are sold in commemoration of its 65th Anniversary season this Fall.

3. The Not Quite Human Trilogy -- For the first time ever on DVD, Disney's "Not Quite Human" series of films (aired, respectively, in 1987, 1989 and 1992) shall be issued on DVD by SHOUT! Factory in 2019 as originally broadcast on Disney Channel under the title "The Not Quite Human Trilogy," featuring "Not Quite Human," "Not Quite Human II" and "Still Not Quite Human" available for the very first time together on DVD at a cost of only $29.99 wherever DVDs are sold. Adapted from a series of young-adult fiction books by Seth McEvoy, "The Not Quite Human" trilogy centered on widower Scientist Dr. Jonas Carson, who invented a robot Brother for his teenage daughter, Becky (played in the first 2 films by Robyn Lively).

I hope this is taken into consideration, and thanks in advance.

Steve Arino