Christopher Pearson, Co-Creator of Dan Vs (Hub Network Show 2011-2013), Gives his first ever video interview and joins Fan Messageboard

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Sep 5, 2019
The Co-Creator of Dan Vs, the infamous pseudo-kids show that aired on The Hub Network from 2011-2013, provided his first ever properly recorded video interview(An earlier interview with the same party a month earlier was poorly recorded and mostly corrupted) recently, and it was uploaded to a fan run Youtube channel.

Most notably, he confirmed the Axe Murder story in "Dan Vs Canada" was in fact, a true story that had happened to his family, that he had a real wife named Elise, and as well setting the record straight that the entire main cast was, in fact, straight.

He has great interest in rebooting Dan Vs, perhaps for an adult audience, and has even considered doing on camera Fanfic readings as a way to thank the fandom.

A few weeks later, he joined a fanforum messageboard, Home | Dan-vs, and has been gleefully answering fan questions ever since.
Daniel Mandel, the other co-creator, has neglected to take an interview as of yet, and has maintained little contact with the fandom.



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