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Sep 24, 2003
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Previously on Christmas Tales:


This year was an epic one. THIS was the year my family took part in a Pictionary tournament with White Elephant toiletry prizes. That may not sound like a big deal, but we rarely do anything like that and the bondsmanship created through the activity was terrific.


We each had to draw a Christmas word or phrase from a hat and draw it. Each team had one minute to guess what the phrase was, but one minute turned out to be plenty, and the game ended in a complete tie. (The hardest phrase was "sweater weather," which had to be depicted with a sweater, a sun and a cloud. I had to draw "stocking" which took about three seconds from whiteboard to correct guess.


Because the game ended in a tie, neither side won the privilege to draw first from the White Elephant bag, so a different set of mechanics was set up: everyone drew a number. When your number came up, you had two choices: pick an item from the bag, or steal someone else's item. We were talking things like Q-Tips and tissue boxes, so it wasn't much of a loss -- until the bag of chocolates was found, and the stealing back and forth truly began.


The loudest reaction to a present came from Alexa, who opened a box to find a water bottle inside with the image of a Fire Emblem Three Houses character on it. I have not played this game but evidently "Luenn Hevering" is a big deal (I know I got that wrong, I'm going off her pronunciation). Nothing even remotely close to this name comes up on Google:

List of characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Black Eagles. Edelgard. Hubert. Ferdinand. Linhardt. Caspar. Bernadetta. Dorothea. Petra.
  • Blue Lions. Dimitri. Dedue. Felix. Ashe. Sylvain. Mercedes. Annette. Ingrid.
  • Golden Deer. Claude. Lorenz. Raphael. Ignatz. Lysithea. Marianne. Hilda. Leonie.
  • Church of Seiros. Seteth. Flayn. Hanneman. Manuela. Gilbert. Alois. Catherine. Shamir. Cyril.
The next present had a Blue Lions T-shirt in it; she's Fire Emblem crazy.


Alexa also just got a Playstation 4 and of those three games, she's diving into Dragon Quest XI first. Wonder what kind of water bottles are out there for DQ.


Top it all off with a concert! My cousin wired my uncle's violin to some kind of complicated whammy bar that turned its notes into all sorts of sounds. With this you can make a violin sound like a harmonica, bagpipes or an electric guitar. Hearing a violin shred metal is an interesting experience. I'm really tempted to upload the video.

Now share YOUR Christmas Tales! Immediately!
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Dec 4, 2015
I got a Switch Lite and my current goal is to 100% Mario Odyssey on it.
Also my younger brother "got" me the Walmart Associate Choir CD we found during a trip to Florida a few years back, but only to disguise the actual gift: $20 in Nintendo Eshop money. I feel like we're gonna keep passing along that CD as a cursed item. (Older brother got me a carrying case for said Switch Lite, unfortunately with the carrying case, the Switch can hardly fit in my purse. Maybe with some modifications I can have it like a fanny pack?)
Also we got lots of snow for Christmas, it was pretty.
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