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Christmas Tales 2018

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You may not be be able to tell, but this is a shorter tree than last year by at least an inch. The Christmas tree shortage that began last year intensified this year.....I'm told the reason is because a Christmas tree takes eight to ten years to grow to a sellable height, and ten years ago America was in the icy grip of a severe recession, so not as many trees were planted. The effect boomeranged back to today, at the precipice of another recession (hopefully not as harsh).


So I walked into the Awesome House™ and heard noises coming from its basement. I go down to the den and find Octopath Traveler playing on the big screen. Everyone in the family is getting exposed to Octopath Traveler thanks to Alexa, who's now fourteen (yikes). The good taste gene doesn't carry in everyone though. I kid you not -- I spent much of my time during the consumption of Christmas Lunch trying to convince Alexa's father NOT to buy a ticket for Welcome To Marwen.


Speaking of Alexa, her art skills get better and better with each passing year.


If you've been keeping track, you know my cousin gets one present a year and it's usually an odd one (like a laminated bug). This year, he got, in his words, "a Magic card so rare that I probably wouldn't spend money on it myself." Here it is....I know nothing about Magic so....if you do, does the sight of this drive you wild?


And someone bought my uncle a DRONE, which he had the hardest time trying to put together. I have no idea what use he (or anyone else) could possibly have for one beyond fifteen minutes of leisure. He DID test it out inside the house.

Now let's hear YOUR Christmas Tales. This means you! The person I'm pointing at!


I got a SNES Classic, some Disney Blurays (Coco, Tangled and Wreck It Ralph), some new CD's (Mac Demarco, Lorde and Lana Del Rey) and a Google Home Mini. In fact, just about everyone on my mom's side of the family got a Google Home Mini. My younger brother also got the Smash Ultimate variant of the Switch (my older brother has his own Switch). We had a nice breakfast of bacon, toast and pancakes (where I choked on a bacon that dislodged itself before anyone could use the Heimlich on me) and I got to watch most of the Disney Christmas parade. I also got to watch the Ralph Bluray at supper. It also snowed a bit to add to the snow we had for weeks. Overall, it was a wonderful Christmas (apart from the choking thing ;) ).


Oh, and I love my new Google Home already. Even though it's also connected to the one my little brother has (our rooms are next to each other). I learned this when I got my brother's Google Home to play Sweet Victory, mine started to play the same song.


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I got the Batman: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition box set a Hori Wired Nintendo Switch controller and an Amazon gift card.

I got my father and my sister an Amazon gift card, and I also gave my sister a Nightmare Before Christmas coffee cup. I got my brother PSN store cards.
I got a Star Trek: Shipyards book and some clothes (we've had a hell of a year so big presents weren't in the equation). I got my sister a FunkoPop of Connie from Steven Universe, my mom a copy of Wonder Woman and Dad a three-disc "best of the 90's WWE" set-- thankfully my mall still has an FYE.
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