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Sep 24, 2003
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Welcome to Christmas Tales: 10th Year Anniversary! This year there was a Christmas tree shortage which forced my parents to go out hunting for one early! In Oregon you can go out to rural areas and cut down your own tree. We went November 2, the farm was packed with customers, and the place was down to their "too large" stock. They had used the trick of cutting off all the branches below a certain point so people would think the trees were shorter than they actually were. This made it impossible to judge the height, however, so this year's tree scraped the ceiling. Better that than nothing, though.

This year: a White Christmas! A surprise shift in weather patterns brought a snow flurry from Eastern to Western Oregon and Portland got dusted on Christmas Eve! The snow was still there Christmas Day.

This is the backyard view from my older cousin's Awesome House which has been established in earlier Tales.

Five minutes after I had arrived in the Awesome House I heard a strange commotion coming from the den. I think I've spoken before about how Alexa doesn't have a game system because her clueless non-gamer parents are like "but you already have a Wii and you never touch it." She loves games, especially JRPGs, and having been similarly game-less at her age I offered to let her borrow the Wii U (back when the Wii U was relevant). The plans never came through, but since the Switch is portable, that solved that -- I could just bring it to her house whenever one of these get-togethers happened.

So I walk into the den and there is Fire Emblem Warriors being played on the big TV. "Whose Switch is that?" I asked my two cousins. "Mine," said the younger one. It was a gift from her birth father. Her childhood has been saved at the eleventh hour! HOORAY for estranged father figures who have to compensate with grandiose presents!

There was one other person in the den....someone I barely recognized. I hadn't seen Chris's mother since the 90s. "Wait....Susanna?"

"Try again," said Jaxom, my male cousin wearing long hair and a dress. There was no explanation for this, ever.

I went to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this year and brought back Pat Contri's Ultimate NES Guide Book -- over 500 pages thoroughly covering every NES game ever made. (I did meet Pat, but he didn't sign the book even though he said he did.) Knowing Chris would appreciate the material, I brought the book with me. He swears Bible Adventures is the greatest game of them all for the simple fact that you can stack sheep on top of your head.

Speaking of was time for TRIVIA! Match each of these holiday-themed movies with the year they came out, and potentially win something cheap from a cheap box of junk! This was the Final Jeopardy moment my autistic brain had been waiting for. I tripped up though on a few that were released extremely close to each other -- I had Miracle on 34th Street in 1946 and It's A Wonderful Life in 1947; the truth was the opposite.

At evening's end I walked away with Samurai Jack: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray, the collected Super Mario Adventures, and two pens from the junk box.

Now share YOUR Christmas Tales! Or I'll put YOU in a dress!


Dec 4, 2015
Well among other things I got the newest LCD Soundsystem and Avalanches albums, all three of the official Theme Time Radio Hour compilation albums, and a $100 Best Buy gift card. Other than that, my holiday was rather lackluster. My attempt to get my extended family to watch the original cut of Frosty was essentially laughed out of the room. But I did end the day playing Fibbage with my immediates, which is a rather poetic way to end the day. But the next morning I found out I'd left the car door open all night. It wasn't quite the yabba-dabba yuletide I was expecting. But something's better than nothing, hey?

And that last segment made me think of an experience in my junior high music class in which we had to answer a hodgepodge of holiday themed trivia. I got all but one right - the only one I tripped on was "Where was eggnog invented?" I guessed "Sweden" because Swedish Chef. I still won a bag of chocolate balls nonetheless.
Aug 21, 2010
Great Meadows, NJ
I got socks and undies, and an iFixit phone/computer repair kit; I also got some Transformers, but my mom messed up and got crappy ones (two figures from The Last Knight, blech, plus a reissue of Generations Cosmos without his little space-shuttle buddy), when i'd given her specific details for Titans Return and Power of the Primes only; she wasn't happy when I told her that. We're gonna have to return them.


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Sep 3, 2006
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My sister and her family came to spend Christmas weekend with us this year. Sadly, the gift I ordered off Amazon to give to my brother-in-law was late and didn't arrive until 20-30 minutes after they left.

We had our annual hunter-gatherer meal with friends and family. Largely food from BBQ joints, bar and grill establishments, and chicken places, although I can recommend a Mexican restaurant around here whose queso dip is incredible. As impoverished as I am right now, my contribution was a 12-can case of Coca-Cola.

After Christmas Eve service, driving around to look at lights displays, and celebrating my mom's birthday with cake and presents (her birthday is Christmas Eve), my grandmother spent the night and opened presents with us. We went to her house that evening for her traditional soup dinner.

It snowed on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Just in time for a white Christmas.

Highlights of my Christmas haul include:
  • a brand new Sporting KC scarf;
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-ray*
  • a new art portfolio carrying case;
  • three new pairs of pajama pants
  • my very own Roku device (I can finally watch Amazon's The Grand Tour as well as the new MST3K)
*I got a Blu-ray player for my birthday last year and it came with A New Hope, and since then I've asked my younger sister to hook me up with the rest of the trilogy, similar to the Monty Python toys I used to get from my older sister. I got Empire Strikes Back for Christmas last year and Return of the Jedi for my birthday this year. Something tells me I may get Rogue One for my birthday next year. I'm not sure if I want the prequels.
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