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Sep 23, 2001
Ed, Edd n Eddy - This is one of the best shows on TV! It's way batter than Johnny Bravo and Samurai Jack and that Time Squad crap! I love Ed, Edd n Eddy!
Please don't include Samurai Jack next to Time Squad and Johnny Bravo. I understand JB and TS, but insulting Jack is silly. :p

The Powerpuff Girls - It's okay... I used to like it a lot more. It became way to over-rated, though... They are cute...
It's only over-rated because it's been in rerun hell. Season 4 is supposedly really good, and some of the best stuff Cartoon Network's ever put out.

Samurai Jack - Ugh... get RID of it! The entire thing is just Jack chopping bad guys in half, or waisting the episode with some long scene.
You probably don't like samurai movies either.. Jack is good for popcorn movie action. Same as Justice League, really. It's not a Cartoon Cartoon though.

Dexter's Lab - The show used to be really good... until the new episodes began to air. Dexter now sucks. The art work is terrible! Dexter's head is twice as fat! I'm talkign about the Season four episodes...
There's only three seasons. The fourth is in pre-production. He isn't fatter, he's just smaller. And the coloring is weird because it was the first attempt at digital coloring. It will get better. You haven't even seen more than 3 episodes yet!

Time Squad - Get rid of this crap...
Agree with you there.

Sheep in the Big City - It's okay. I'd like it more is the voice acting was better and they didn't push it with the Angry Scientist.
CCF has been airing new episodes of the show. So far, Angry Scientist has only been in episode 16("Flock, Up in the Sky"). Episode 15 is this week.. a big fanservice episode for people that love UPA and old black and white shorts.

Mike, Lu & Og -Okay, the show's not that good...
Pretty much cancelled is the word I heard.

Cow & Chicken/ I Am Weasel - I liked both of them, I liked Cow and Chicken more than Weasel, though.
The Red Guy ruined Weasel, IMO..

Johnny Bravo - Ever since Carl, Pops, and Triangle-Headed Little Susie came along, the show has sucked.
Don't worry. They're gone. Well, not GONE gone, but they won't be having any more adventures together.

Grim & Evil - From what I've seen it' pretty funny. I've only watched one or two episodes... I don't really go out of my way to watch it.
I don't think the network has put much faith in this one. Hopefully they'll give Maxwell another 13 episodes first before completely putting the lid on it, since an inital order of 6 is kind of sad. :/

Courage the Cowardly Dog - It's okay. The first episodes were the best, but now everyone episode is "Oh-no! Some monster wants to kill Murriel!" You see what I mean?
I completely agree, but the third season so far has managed to skirt around the typical "monster attacking Muriel" routine. Only a couple of episodes for it have aired though.

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Apr 24, 2001
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I'll make my occasional-once-in-a-whileTM post to this board:

Time Squad : This is really boring to me. It seems to me to be a cheesy ripoff of "Sherman and Peabody". I like the voices and characters, though...just not the plots.

Sheep in the Big City: This one is just plain not funny. The backgrounds are ugly, it's badly drawn, and the characters are lame. Hope it gets canned.

Dexter's Laboratory: The new episode I saw was rather odd compared to others, but I hope the show can make a comeback.

Grim and Evil: I liked "Grim" better than "Evil". The fact that there have onlt been a few episodes and they are all on late at night doesn't help. I can take or leave this one. What is striking about it is that the original Billy/Mandy/ Reaper cartoon, complete with the voice, is inspired by the Animaniacs short "Meatballs: Or Consequences".

Ed, Edd, and Eddy: This series sucks. There is no point to it. The drawings are ugly, the characters bore me, and the animation squiggles too much. Not funny either.

Samurai Jack: Great. One of the best CN originals yet. If only the other shows had this kind of care put into them!.

Mike, Lu, and Ogg: This sucks. It's not "funny", it's not "cute", it's not "adventure". I hate it.

Johnny Bravo: If they'd just bring Van Partible back and get rid of the little nerd guy, this could be funny again. Too bad they chose to end it.

Cow and Chicken: Dumb, weird, and ugly. Not at all funny. I did like the devil character though.

I Am Weasel: Whatever happened to this? It was a spinoff of Cow and Chicken and, I think, very good. Much better than its parent show...wish they made more.

Powerpuff Girls : As much as I want to hate this, I can't. It's so darn funny sometimes I can forgive its faults.

Courage: Great! My favorite. If I am going to watch one of the CN Cartoons, I'd go with this one. They do need to start varying the plots a little, though, or it can become stale if it keeps up.

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