Cartoon series in the same franchise that do better than others

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Aug 5, 2002
Which cartoons in the same franchise are more successful than others in that franchise and why is that the case?

For example, Batman the animated series (and most other Batman series) lasted several seasons and BTAS had a huge cultural impact, but Beware the Batman lasted one season and hardly anyone remembered it.

The new She-Ra cartoon seems like the most successful thing to come out of Masters of the Universe since 1985, with New Adventures of He-Man and the 2002 reboot failing to catch on.

Unfortunately, it looks like Rise of the TMNT will be the shortest-lived TMNT cartoon, despite it being a good cartoon.


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Aug 8, 2014
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There was this period of time in the late 90s when almost every action franchise just bombed and failed. The broader reason was that Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and other anime dominated the market. But here are some quick individual examples:

Beast Machines was the follow-up to a beloved cartoon. The people making it were told to draw as few connections to it's predecessor as possible to avoid confusing children. The end result was kids didn't watch it and the people who wanted a sequel were upset. It wound up killing interest in the Beast Era for decades and Hasbro is only now making a dedicated Beast Wars (and Transformers the Movie) line.

Avengers: United They Stand (wanted to call this "United We Stand") is probably the least successful Avengers cartoon. It does not feature the three characters most associated with the Avengers and was bad.

Spider-Man Unlimited, like Beast Machines, is a sequel to a beloved cartoon that has very little to do with its predecessor. It seems to be trying to be Spider-Man 2099, but it's not Spider-Man 2099 which is confusing. Just as a question unrelated to this thread, Is this version of Spider-Man the most popular with Furries?

Sonic Underground was an attempt to recapture the popularity of the previous action Sonic show just in time to cash in on the brand relaunch in 1999. It is clearly going for the same tone, but at the same time features an almost entirely new cast and is inept. So it didn't work.

Now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation is not a cartoon, but in my memory I tend to lump all these things together. It makes a bunch of changes to what people know and expect. And it isn't very good.

It's worth noting that the only action show that escaped is Batman Beyond. While that show also goes off in a very different direction from what came before, it is also extremely well-made and stands apart.
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