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Cartoon Network Plans Anti-Bullying Programming for October

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Every Saturday in October from 3-4 P.M., Cartoon Network will air a special hour of programming of shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Steve Universe, Clarence, We Bare Bears, and Teen Titans Go, with each episode having a message focusing on positive peer relationships and the power of teamwork. The episodes will also be on the app and On Demand. This is part of their Stop Bullying: Speak Up campaign. In addition, Rebecca Sugar has created a series of Fearless Self Expression videos that will teach kids ways to express themselves through artistic techniques.

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It is a nice gesture at least to focus on bullying. I was bullied a lot when I was younger myself and it is quite painful to deal with. Speaking up may not resolve the issue, but at least it brings awareness to kids and offers ways for them to deal with it.


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I don't know about the other episode, but if it is not a new episode, my prediction for the Steven Universe anti bullying showcase is "Barnmates", Lapis was the closest I have seen to a bully in the series in that episode.


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