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Cartoon Network October 2010 Premiere Info

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#Toonami - Saturdays 11pm-4am
Schedule Update VII:

- Run It Back Sunday, the new hour-long show about NBA highlights/recaps/trivia, etc., makes its premiere October 31st at 8:00AM. No titles yet.
- Robotomy finally gets its first rerun scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 7:15pm for episode 2 ("Bling Thing"). Still no repeats for episode 1 ("Frenemy"), so don't miss the premiere.


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Huh. Run it Back Sunday, DBD, Hole in The Wall, and Tower Prep! All on a "Super Sunday Live-Action Morning Power Block!"

Sorry, I just couldn't resist. :p

And jeez, where's UH?


#Toonami - Saturdays 11pm-4am
And jeez, where's UH?
Unnatural History seems to be taking a break now that its first season has finished airing. Tower Prep and other programming are taking over its time slots.

EDIT: Here's what B-Six, one of the show's producers, posted over in the Entertainment Board about the UH reruns:

sorry I didn't post this earlier - but due to the overwhelming success of last Saturday's Scooby premiere, Turner has decided to push our reruns by around two weeks -- hang tight (and thanks for being so patient)


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7:15PM on a Wednesday is a rather odd time for a Robotomy rerun. Especially if the reason it isn't getting more airings is content, you'd think that would mean they'd sneak it on at 9:45PM on some random night.

Run in Back Sunday is at 8AM on Sunday? Well beats having to see that crap at watchable time on Sunday.


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RL Stine tweeted that Goose Bumps won't be on CN this year at all. He said, just look forward to The Haunting Hour. Looks like my prediction is right and CN does not want to air Goose Bumps because of the new show.


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- Run It Back Sunday, the new hour-long show about NBA highlights/recaps/trivia, etc., makes its premiere October 31st at 8:00AM. No titles yet.
Yowch. 8:00AM for a series premiere? That's brutal.

If I were wearin' my tinfoil hat right now, I'd almost be willing to say CN wants this to fail. Then again, unless I'm missing something, Stu Snyder is still running this network. There must be some ulterior motive to running it that early. They can't possibly want new live-action to fail! :sweat:


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Saw a Robotomy(Not The Monday nights promo) a promo For Just show during R.L Stine's The Hunting Hour Dont Thank About it

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