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What I know is that on my cable guide, it showed that those said episodes that got pulled last week will likely be with the next week's episodes.

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About Mighty Magiswords. I know this is not a confirmation, but CN US might just want to air some of the episodes because some international CNs will actually air some new episodes in July.

One of them in fact (CEE) will air them starting from 3rd of July, and we'll have 8 episodes; airing on weekdays.

This may be the reason CN US will air Mighty Magiswords, so that it wouldn't be international CNs getting the premieres for this particular show, and I actually expect more to come in the begining of July as well, seeing how 6 out of 8 upcoming episodes have not even been aired yet on CN US.
According to the extended long promo of summertime go. When new episodes of Gumball is Back, when, I don't know when the month is.
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I really want Cartoon Network to announce the official airdates for the remaining Season 9 episodes of "Adventure Time" as well as the remaining Season 5 episodes of "Steven Universe" immediately!

why? why are you in the rush for? i noticed you been doing the same thing with every month premieres for other networks as well as this
Well, I really want to know if "Adventure Time" will end sooner instead of sometime in 2018. And I also want to know if "Steven Universe" is going to get a sixth season by any chance.

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Just Think Twice Before You Say Anything
Just ignore him, he's gonna keep do this in every thread, just to make it like he's really getting on everyone's nerves.

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