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Aug 13, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand
Some CN shows are on HBO GO here. Only available in English audio and subtitles.

- Samurai Jack Seasons 1-2
- The PowerPuff Girls (2016) Seasons 1-3
- Ben 10 (2017) Seasons 1-2
- Camp Lazlo Seasons 1-2
- The Amazing World of Gumball Seasons 1-2
- The Life & Times of Juniper Lee Seasons 1-3
- The Marvelous Misadventure of Flapjack Seasons 1-3
- Adventure Time Seasons 6-7
- We Bare Bears Seasons 1-3
- Steven Universe Seasons 3-4

They should get rid of this poster for Gumball.

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I first saw it on CN Asia, who made this?
I find it ironic that despite airing this promo, they're banning episodes that contain scenes of contagion or flu in general.
It was made by the CN Asia team, with one of the producers being London/Sydney based.

Yes and no, it maybe ironic to use these clips especially as these episodes have been temporarily dropped, but these clips are immediately followed by prevention advice on how not to get infected. The episodes in question may not offer any prevention advice, these episodes use "normal" illnesses in "normal" circumstances as a comedic plot device (in other words kids could get the wrong message), but this virus going around is not like any other illness.
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Dec 30, 2012
Braga, Portugal
Like I said, had they still insisted in rerunning Codename: Kids Next Door (makes me wish there was a real organization of kids fighting against adults - but then again I'm too old to join) they would obviously remove all appearances of the Common Cold.

Even with a reboot they would have made a deadlier version of the character and even he would be removed from international showings.

Sorta reminds me of what happened to CN EMEA when they started censoring everything, I've heard that they banned any - if not, most - references to the Lich.


Dec 30, 2012
Braga, Portugal
Earlier I talked about how Turner EMEA (technically I heard it from a Spanish point of view) censored The Lich from Adventure Time.

My theory is related with both the character and the setting. As we all know, Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic television series. The day the bombs fell was never revealed - in fact, I still believe that the Mushroom War will be a thing of the near future and of the short-term, but then again I'm a bit skeptical and I stick to the Y2K theory. The Lich is an entire storyline about what would have happened to Ooo if there was no Mushroom War. And the reason why they're censoring it is because they don't want to reveal a nuclear war - even though it was exposed in other parts of the series. Aside from that, they want to hide the setting and believe that the entire world is constructed and not our world after the war.

Remember, these cuts were imposed in 2015 or so. Up until then the series was mostly uncensored in Europe.

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Sep 6, 2013
Due to coronavirus' term, BM CEE and CN PL changed their line-ups:

CN PL from 7:25 to 10:45CET airs Unikitty (7:25 and 9:20) and Teen Titans Go! (at 8:25CET). Meanwhile Boomerang CEE began airing Scooby Doo DTV-Movies at 9:00CET followed by Be Cool, Scooby Doo! at 10:00CET that will remain in April schedule instead of being replaced by Scooby Doo and Guess Who?
The changes may continue in May as Tom and Jerry movies are scheduled from 28th May on Boomerang CEE.

Source: Zmiany w ramówkach Cartoon Network oraz Boomerang, Cartoon Network - Program TV na tydzień and Boomerang - Program TV na tydzień


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Oct 28, 2016
CN Arabia is putting a hashtag written as (Home’s Great with Cartoon Network).



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Sep 9, 2018
Mao Mao premieres in Japanese tomorrow. As of this post it’s almost Sunday at midnight over there.

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