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This show looks cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the original cartoon, but I do remember watching the game show on PBS after school when I was in 1st grade.


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Man, I'm in love with this intro. Chromosphere continues to have a strong visual appeal with their projects, and Carmen Sandiego's no exception. Even the spy thriller-esque intro is alluring (though a little more oomph and references to historical locations would have been nice).

For those interested on the specific staff involved for the intro:

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There is a review of the show out now:

It sounds like fun, but it does some like some of the traditional educational content is lost in the shuffle. They also reveal some of the voice cast and characters, with Rita Monerno, the original Carmen voice actor returning as a side character. It does seem they like they are bringing back a lot of characters from the 90s era show.

This review goes into some of the plot points, it has some spoilers for episode 3, so watch out, but it does seem like V.I.LE lives up its name and Carmen is sympathetic by foiling their more destructive and insidious schemes.

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