C&C - The Promised Neverland - "140146" [6/22]

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Jul 13, 2003
That was impressive planning and acting... and once again back to suspension of disbelief that they were able to execute a plan to escape with almost everyone. Letting your house get burned down won't look good on the resume, Mom. Aw, Phil... shrug.


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Nov 9, 2016
Looks like maybe there's hope for the season to end on a not completely downbeat note? They probably will have casualties but it's good that Ray survived.

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. It was nice to see Emma and Ray being able to talk through their plans again. Despite isolating themselves for a couple of months, both of them kept preparing their escape plans. Ray just setting the house on fire was a extreme method, but it would weaken security to get everyone out. Seeing Ray pour the oil on him to set himself on fire was pretty unsettling. I was still not expecting so many extreme facial expressions from this series, but to be fair, I don't blame Ray for snapping. Emma and Norman only had to deal with the truth for a few weeks or months. Ray has known about it for years. He watched his siblings walk off to their deaths while he was able to figure out an escape plan. This kind of knowledge and guilt would be too much for anyone to deal with, let alone a twelve year old kid. Ray is normally pretty calm and collected, but that's clearly more of a cover for a lot of his true feelings. It also gives more meaning for the camera and photos he took. Ray wanted to leave behind pictures for Emma. The contrast between Emma trying to save Ray and Isabelle humming her song with the babies was really effective too.

I figured that Emma crying to Ray once Isabelle came out was all an act, but it was a pretty convincing one, especially when Isabelle was already worried about stopping the fire and saving the brain for the demons. It was pretty unsettling to see that Emma and Ray cut off their ears. It was a guaranteed way to fool Isabelle with the tracking devices, but it must have been really painful to do.

It was nice to see that Emma was able to save Ray and setup the plan with the other kids. I actually liked the twist that all of the other kids learned the truth. Don mentioned that it took them awhile to tell everyone, so it was more a slow process rather than something that happened right away. It was certainly a reckless plan, but it also gave them a huge potential advantage to make the risk worthwhile. Isabelle only expected the older kids, so the little kids could get the supplies they needed possibly without drawing as much attention. Isabelle probably already thought that she won with Emma and Ray being so silent for months, but the other kids were able to make arrangements right under her nose. Plus, it would make the process of escaping with everyone easier to manage if they all knew the truth. Keeping the real secret from Don and Gilda backfired on them and Emma might not have wanted to risk something similar happening with the other kids.

I also really liked that Norman left a letter to Emma explaining a new plan once he figured out that Ray was going to kill himself. It allowed for Norman to help contribute to the escape even though he wasn't there. I thought for a moment that Norman actually did appear right beside Emma, but she was just imagining him. I still suspect that Norman isn't dead though. It was touching that Norman wanted to help everyone live even when he was going to his death. Norman also found what Sister Krone left behind, but they still haven't explained what it is yet. Ray seemed to have been pretty shocked that Norman figured out how to deal with his plan so perfectly. It seems that not everyone is escaping if Phil talking to Isabelle at the end was any indication. Overall, it was a pretty good episode. It sets up the season finale quite nicely and really adds more tension as the group of kids attempt to escape.

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