C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Two-Man Team" [2/20]


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Sep 28, 2003
To Kurama, he was just another hateful human. To Naruto, he was a permanent tenant who rarely paid rent. Now, the time has come for them to become friends.


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Kurama begins to realize Naruto is not one of those hateful humans.

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Sep 28, 2003
Episode 329 Two-Man Team
Adapted from Naruto Chapters 571-572

Lord First!
Naruto and Kurama become partners. Naruto opens the cage that has held him since he was a few hours old. Kurama gives him his chakra, enough for him to become Tailed Beast Mode.

This also debuts Kurama making a corporeal existence, in a glowing Susanno’o-ish form that can carry Naruto, Gai, and Kakashi.

Tobi summons the Gedo Statue. It pulls Son Goku back, leaving the disconnected Edo-Roshi behind. He then summons the other five Beasts.

Creating a Sage-Mode clone, Naruto fights the Beasts while his clone spots the rods.

When the Beasts put together one giant Bomb, Naruto fires his own, finally able to summon that power technique successfully.

Naruto grabs the five beasts, pulling out the rods. This causes him to come into the same astral-plane where he met Son Goku, only this time he meets the five other beasts and their Jinchikuris (in their none-Edo-Tensei forms), who reveal their names to him.

The face of the Lord of the Six Paths is partially revealed. It’s revealed that the Beasts were promised a successor of the Sage who will lead them properly. Naruto is that successor.

Remember When (or Not)?
Naruto remembers the night of the Stolen Scroll, when Iruka defended him against Mitsuki.

Kurama remembers when he and the Tailed Beasts had their last meeting with the Sage of Six Paths. The Sage predicts his future death and that one day they will meet someone like him.

Kurama reveals that Naruto’s first kiss was Sasuke.

There is a flashback where Son Goku, having been pulled back into the Gedo Statue, was able to tell the other Beasts about Naruto.

The Plot Thickens
Although Naruto’s removal of the control rods have severed Tobi’s ability to control the Beasts and Jinchuriki, their chakra is still linked to the Gedo Statue.

About to be attacked by Bombs from the Tailed Beast, Gai and Kakashi consider their last resorts: Gai opening the Eighth Gate or Kakashi using Kamui to teleport the bombs. Both convince each other not to do so due to the fatal consequences. Fortunately, Naruto repels the Bombs.

Kurama warns Naruto that the Beast Mode will last five minutes. After that, Naruto returns to his human level.

Roshi had Son Goku for over 40 years, was an obstinate Jinchinkuri (he is compared to Onohki), and never referred to Son by name.

After mistaking the Mizukage for being a pathetic child, the Mizukge wants to know what a kiss is like.

Love, Family, and Friendship
Son Goku is touched by Naruto’s disappointment that he couldn’t free him. He fist-bumps with Naruto.

Naruto thanks Kurama for giving him power against Edo-Madara.

Kurama loved the Sage of Six Paths and was deeply saddened at his farewell.

Kurama and Naruto fist bump. They grin.

In a homage to Iruka’s words to Mitsuki, Naruto declares Kurama as the Demon Fox no more, but now a partner of a Ninja of Konoha.

Seeing the Mizukage’s short and youthful appearance, Naruto tries to empathize with him, thinking he suffered greatly in his childhood, never being kissed.

Roshi wishes he had a better relationship with Son Goku. He finally refers to his Beast by name.

In the Astral Plane, Naruto fist-bumps with the Five Beasts.

I See Dead People!
Kakashi mistakes Naruto for Minato.

But in the Manga...
The Manga portrays the Naruto clone spotting all five rod spots together. The Anime has him spot the rods separately during each fight.

The Anime omits the shot of Gyuki holding Edo-Roshi when the bombs hit.

The Anime has Three Tails Isobu remark knowing Naruto before, from the Anime-only Guren Arc.

The name calling is done differently. The Manga displayed both Jinchuriki and Beast in one panel. The Anime gives the Jinchuriki close-ups.

The Anime has Utakata comment about meeting Naruto again, due to the Anime-only Six Tails Arc.

The Manga has Kurama weep on one eye. The Anime has him weeping in both eyes.

The change from the Sage Six Paths flashback to the present is done differently. The Manga has a shot of the weeping Kurama, cutting to the present version. The Anime separates this by showing the Sage dissolve into Naruto.

In the Manga, Gyuki praises Naruto after Tobi has the Gedo Statue swallow the Beasts. The Anime has him praise him earlier when Naruto-Kurama free the Beasts.


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Jul 13, 2003
Epic! A new form and they did a tailed beast transformation! :D

But also really poignant stuff with Kakashi thinking he saw the Fourth, all the Tailed Beasts agreeing Naruto is the true successor of the Sage of Six Paths, the group fist bump. And baby Kurama weeping for Sage. :crying:

Yet still amusing like Kurama pointing out Naruto's first and only kiss was Sasuke back in the day. lmao. And learning all those hard names at once, lol.


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