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C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Two Fates" [8/18]

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And now the two meet.​



The Official Naruto Shippuden Talkback Thread

OPENING: "Lovers" by 7!!

Kakashi meets Sasuke for the first time in three years. However, Sasuke has no heart for talking about old times; just killing any Konohan before him. When Sasuke suffers a moment of weakness from his Sharingan, Sakura takes this moment to fulfill the objective that she had promised (to the Konoha 9) and lied (to Naruto) for. Unfortunately, her own feelings for Sasuke overwhelm her determination. Too bad Sasuke doesn't feel the same way. Fortunately, Naruto comes to her rescue.

For anyone who thinks it wise to reveal any post-Chapter 484/Episode 214 spoilers, talk it with Sasuke first...


The kids are all wrong
Yeah, honey...he doesn't like you.

He never liked you.

He never will like you.

Accept the fact that the guy is more toxic than Chernobyl and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.


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"Now Naruto and Sakura are seeing it with their own eyes, that fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate and hate leads to suffering."


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So who's gonna tell him that Pain already saved him the trouble?

Never did like that boy. He came from bad stock.


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Episode 215: Two Fates
Broadcast Date: June 9, 2011
Adapted from Naruto Chapter 485

Lord First!

This is Naruto’s first meeting with Sasuke since the Tenchi Bridge (not to mention his introduction to his new garb, so his further memories will be updated).

Kakashi tries to take up the task of killing Sasuke again, but Naruto intervenes and once again makes a collision with Sasuke that creates a mind link.

The Plot Thickens…
Sasuke reaches new level of insanity; killing Danzo has made him feel that killing all Konoha, severing his bonds, will lead to purification of his clan.

Naruto tells Sasuke his knowledge about Itachi (which Sakura overhears, although not knowing the information).

Kakashi and Sakura learn Sasuke killed Danzo.

Kakashi realizes Sasuke is a victim of the times.

Love, Family, and Friendship
Naruto tells Sasuke about his hatred to the villagers until both Iruka and he made him care, his determination to be his friend and rival, and how happy it felt.

Karin is mixed about Sasuke; wavering between compassion for his health and forced indifference for almost killing her.

Kakashi comments that Orochimaru’s drugging could have made Sasuke resistant to poison, rendering Sakura’s attempt useless. Then again, it is possible Itachi may have removed all of Orochimaru’s work on Sasuke, and Kakashi doesn’t know it (unless Madara told him).

Remember When (or Not)
Sasuke’s 1st stabbing of Danzo and the latter’s suicide, are portrayed.

Kakashi thinks about passing Team 7, Sasuke sacrificing himself for Naruto in the fight against Haku, Kakashi separating Naruto and Sasuke in their hospital fight, and Kakashi tying up Sasuke.

Karin remembers Sasuke (almost) mortally wounding her.

Naruto and Sasuke’s collision is highlighted by scenes of their fight at the VatE, Naruto/Gaara’s tears before the hateful crowd (minus the Gaara parallel), Sasuke confronting Itachi on the night of the Massacre & seeing his brother’s true face.

Naruto remembers scenes from the Iruka Arc (rejected by the shopkeeper, freaking out at Iruka’s staring at him in the cemetery), plus the Iruka Arc-versions of him watching his playmates going home with their parents and himself walking past Sasuke at the creek.

Naruto remembers the Scroll incident, when Mitzuki revealed the truth of his Jinchikuri-ship & Iruka saving him.

But in the Manga…
All the flashbacks are Anime-only.

Kakashi’s attack on Sasuke (after Naruto rescues Sakura) is lengthened with Sasuke throwing Sakura’s Kunai at Kakashi- who dodges it- and a bunch of punches, kicks, and blocks. Instead of the Manga, where Kakashi hits Sasuke, who recoils to the wall and bounces back to the waters, the Anime has the two dart up to the bridge, Sasuke leg-throwing Kakashi, who somersaults to a tree and follows Sasuke as the two dive back down to the waters with perfect landing.

The Anime adds Sakura realizing how Sasuke almost killed her.

The Anime gives Sasuke some hand gestures to symbolize his rage and madness.

The Anime adds Naruto and Sakura telling Sasuke their wish to save him from revenge.

The Anime adds Sakura crushing her face after Kakashi reminds her about her inability to kill Sasuke.

The Manga Karin’s cries for Sasuke were thought-only. The Anime has her actually cry out.

The Anime knits Karin’s scene and the return to the confrontation by leaves flying past Karin and landing in the waters before Sasuke’s feet.

The Anime adds Kakashi readying his chidori.


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