C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "The Forbidden Visual Jutsu" [7/14]

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Sep 28, 2003
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Sasuke VS Danzo continues!


The Official Naruto Shippuden Talkback Thread

OPENING: "Lovers" by 7!!

Sasuke tries to kill Danzo for his role in Itachi's Uchiha Massacre but finds the job difficult. Meanwhile, Naruto suffers a panic attack.
No spoilers of plot details or revelations beyond Chapter 477/Episode 209 even though the Manga and Anime series have been finished for a year. Sasuke will hate you for it...


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Sep 28, 2003
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Episode 210 The Forbidden Visual Jutsu
Broadcast Date: May 5, 2011
Adapted from Naruto Chapters 478-479

It’s the First!
First Anime appearance of the Izanagi. A forbidden Sharingan Jitsu where the wielder cast himself in a Genjutsu where he can manipulate any disadvantage to himself (damaging or fatal attack) into fantasy while keeping all his advantages (attacks) solid and real. This explains how Danzo was able to survive all of Sasuke’s previous attacks. However, the Sharingan used to make it goes blind.

Sasuke’s Susanno’o takes its full-bodied form, and wields a bow and arrow.

Danzo’s right arm is made of Hashirama Senju’s cells, used to contain the power of the Sharingan (his shoulder bears a likeness of the First Hokage's face). This is revealed by his forming a tree via Wood Jitsu to protect himself from Sasuke’s Susanno’o arrow. His secret partnership with Orochimaru led to this experimented creation on his person.

First Anime appearance of Baku the Tapir, a hybrid creature summoned by Danzo.

Sasuke can forge his Chidori into a blade.

The Plot Thickens…
The Itachi that appeared to Danzo in the last episode turns out to be a Genjutsu that Sasuke makes to distract him. It fails, resulting in Danzo putting Sasuke in a Curse Mark Paralysis Jitsu (which was first operated when he strangled him earlier).

Seeing Curse Mark Sasuke about to be decapitated by Danzo, Madara reacts with Kamui to rescue him, but reconsiders when Sasuke releases himself by his increased rage and power.

Madara counts ten Sharingans on Danzo’s arm, extending his use of the Izanagi.

Seven more Sharingans close.

Madara suspects Danzo’s Hashirama-Uchiha appendages means he intends to use their power to control the Nine Tails, whether by controlling Naruto or becoming the Nine-Tails Jinchikuri himself (at the cost of Naruto’s life).

Danzo figures that the Akatsuki must know about the truth of the Uchiha massacre.

Danzo badmouths Sasuke in comparison to Itachi, as well as commenting his powers are inferior to Itachi’s Tsukuyomi power.

Sasuke deduces the use of the Izanagi, intending to fight a battle of attrition until Danzo wears out all his Sharingans.

Love, Family, and Friendships

Karin tries to aid the paralyzed Sasuke, but is kicked back by Danzo.

Sasuke realizing Itachi’s love for him gives him the strength to break free of Danzo’s Curse Mark Paralysis Jitsu.

Remember When (or Not)
A flashback from last episode, when Danzo strangled Sasuke (where he operated the Paralysis Jitsu), is remembered by Madara.

Sasuke thinks about Madara’s words about Itachi’s love for him.

Karin remembers Danzo’s chakra release when paralyzing Sasuke.

But in the Manga…
Although the Manga has Karin react to Danzo changing his chakra during the Sasuke paralysis, the Anime adds her thoughts.

When Danzo is about to decapitate the paralyzed Sasuke with his own sword, the Anime adds a scene of the latter seeing his reflection on the blade.

The Anime adds Susanno’o’s arrow aiming at the mid-air Danzo.

When Karin notes Sasuke weakening from the Susanno’o, the Manga has her think his name; the Anime has her cry out his name.

During the chakra-blade attack, the Anime adds dialogue: Sasuke’s questions Danzo about how many Uchihas have died for Danzo’s Sharingan collection. Danzo answers that it was because of Itachi killing them. Sasuke angrily retorts that his brother's actions were his fault.


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