C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Racing Lightning" [5/12]

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Sep 28, 2003
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Raikage A and his bodyguards VS Team Taka!

The Official Naruto Shippuden Talkback Thread

OPENING: "Diver" by Nico Touches the Walls
CLOSING: "Midnight Orchestra" By Aqua Timez​


Danzo's boon for becoming leader of the United Shinobi Alliance is ruined when it is discovered he had been manipulating support via the Sharingan; White Zetsu blows Sasuke's presence to the Kages; The Konoha 10 decide to kill Sasuke themselves (especially Sakura, who realizes how much she has been harming Naruto by forcing the Promise of a Lifetime on him); Naruto gets a visit by Madara.

Okay, no revelations of future stories beyond Chapter 460/Episode 201 even though the series has been finished for a year. Do not mess with the Mizukage!


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Sep 28, 2003
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Episode 202: Racing Lightning
Broadcast Date: March 10, 2011
Based on Naruto Chapters 460-462

It's the First
Using Naruto as bait, Yamato and Kakashi trap Madara. Madara takes this in stride, knowing he can escape. He begins to tell about Itachi and Sasuke.

Mifune’s seconds, Okisuke, and Urakaku, are named for the first time. They follow their master’s order to locate Sasuke and issue a battle alert.

Raikage A and his entourage, later followed by the Sand siblings and Kurosutchi, go after Team Taka.

Darui’s Water Wall and Lightning Style Emotion Wave are introduced.

Shee’s Lightning Illusion Flash Pillar Genjutsu is introduced.

The Plot Thickens…
A seemingly kills White Zetsu by breaking his neck, an action that displeases Mei, who wanted him questioned, although Gaara counters that the Akatsuki are too loyal.

A’s violent nature bothers his fellow Kages (Onoki knows about it in the past). Darui apologizes for his lord’s behavior.

Madara wants to know how Naruto defeated Pain.

Madara tells the three that Sasuke is in the nexus of the Ninja World’s hatred and resentment.

Karin notes the Samurai’s chakra abilities.

Team Taka note a change in their leader. Karin is concerned about Sasuke’s dark behavior (exhibiting chakra darker than his stripped Curse Seal form). Jugo is concerned by Sasuke’s recklessness. Suigetsu is bothered by Sasuke’s attitude (and his lethal actions, an action he earlier prohibited).

Karin wonders about their opponents’ knowledge about Sasuke (courtesy of Team Samui)

The blade Kubikiribocho (already cracked in the Killer B battle) is broken from A’s assault.

Jugo voluntarily goes full beast to kill Shee (he is interfering with Karin’s locating Danzo).

Danzo is ostracized by the Kages and Mifune, for using his Ninutsu despite the prohibition.

Danzo is curious about Ao’s Byakugan, since he would have prevented any traitorous Hyuga from doing such a thing. Ao suspects Danzo will target him for knowing his secret.

Mei suspects her predecessor may have been manipulated by Sharingan.

Different philosophies; Danzo is willing to take any immoral steps necessary for protecting the village, Onoki argues that such tactics will lead to more problems. Gaara is disapproving of Danzo’s methods, feeling such distrust will lead to terror and fear. He asks his fellow Kage: when did they forsake themselves?

Temari brings up the Sand Siblings assisting the Leaf Village in the Sasuke Retrieval mission.

Deidara’s connection with the Land of Stone is mentioned.

A’s tremendous speed is documented as well as his ability to resist Sharingan.

Sasuke feels a side effect after using his Sharingan to zap Shee.

Friends, Family, and other relationships
A's actions are based on his concern over his brother's kidnapping.

Gaara thinks about his father.

Kankuro stands up to his brother.

Remember When (or Not)?
Gaara thinks about his father using him as a weapon.

But in the Manga…
The Anime adds Madara declaring his intention to tell Naruto, Yamato, and Kakashi the story of Itachi.

The Manga omitted Shee declaring to A the location of Sasuke.

The Anime adds Suigetsu’s confusion about Karin’s declaration of their team being spotted. Also added is his intention to pay Zetsu back for revealing their presence.

Sasuke’s killing of the Samurai is emphasized.

Jugo’s joining Sasuke’s side is portrayed clearer in the Anime, using his arm to protect him from a full chakra blast from Samurais.

The Anime adds Darui and Shee reacting to Jugo’s transformation.

Although the Manga portrayed Okisuke checking on Zetsu, the Anime adds him giving a prognosis.

The Anime adds Akatsuchi’s anger over Temari’s hinted comment about Onoki’s age. Kurosutchi quiets him.

The Manga omits Gaara jumping out of the meeting room, with his siblings following.


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