C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Danzo's Right Arm" [7/7]

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Sasuke's vengeance war with Konoha truly begins as he faces Danzo!

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OPENING: "Lovers" by 7!!

Madara removes Danzo's subordinates, exchanging them with one very vengeful Sasuke. Meanwhile, Naruto begins to waver over the truth about Sasuke being targeted by the Konoha 10- especially Sakura- and the realization that Sasuke might be beyond redemption.
No spoilers of plot details or revelations beyond Chapter 475/Episode 208 even though the Manga and Anime series have been finished for a year. Sasuke will hate you for it...
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You know while I think Naruto's relationship with Sasuke is dumb I do admit I kinda feel for him when he was having a panic attack. The boy does not deserve that.


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Episode 209: Danzo’s Right Arm
Broadcast Date: April 28, 2011
Adapted from Naruto Chapters 476-477

It’s the First!

The development of Sasuke’s Susanno’o, with flesh added to the skeleton.

Sasuke is enraged at how Danzo acquired the Sharingans.

Danzo and Madara discover Sasuke’s Susanno’o.

Kakashi decides to follow Sai’s clone after Sakura to stop her plan and rescue her, while Yamato and Naruto will return to the village. Kakashi will send his dogs to urgently pass on Gaara’s information to the council.

Naruto, mentally and emotionally crushed over the plans of Konoha 9 and Sakura, and realizing that Sasuke may truly be beyond redemption, suffers a panic attack and falls unconscious.

Danzo throws illusions on Sasuke, making the youth believe that he has killed him by Susanno’o, Ameratsu, and slashing him. Sasuke shows him an illusion of Itachi.

First Anime Appearance of Danzo’s Vacuum Bullets and Vacuum blast and Sasuke’s Hawk summoning.

The Plot Thickens…
Danzo thinks Itachi told Sasuke the truth, viewing his importance in his older brother’s eyes.

Danzo believes self-sacrifice is the meaning of Shinobi, feeling his work in the Foundation ensured Konoha’s peace.

Madara notes that Sasuke’s over-reliance on Susanno’o and Ameratsu are draining him.

Karin notes that Danzo's actions don't appear to be Genjutsu (she senses no chakra change in either Sasuke or herself). She also notes that two of Danzo’s Sharingan eyes have closed.

Remember When (or Not)

Naruto remembers:
-Karui and Omoi informing Naruto of Sasuke kidnapping B.
-Madara’s story of Sasuke’s vengeance (note that since Naruto has not seen Sasuke since the Tenchi Bridge incident, he still pictures him in his long-sleeved gigolo outfit).
-Sai’s informing Naruto of Sakura’s plan.
-Gaara’s advice.

Sasuke remembers:
-Itachi ‘telling’ Sasuke why he spared his life.
-Madara informing him about Itachi’s love for him.
-Sasuke atop Madara’s statue.
-Itachi before Hiruzen.
-Itachi’s goodbye.
-Itachi piggy-backing Sasuke.
-Sasuke’s freakout over Madara’s truth.

But in the Manga…
The Anime adds Sasuke’s shocked expression over Danzo’s Sharingan arm.

The 'Team Samui meet Naruto' flashback is portrayed with more detail than in the manga.

Naruto’s thoughts of Sasuke before the Uchiha district are given a cinematic portrayal.

The Anime adds Naruto clenching his fist during his breakdown.

The Manga shows Naruto passing out by a close-up of his profile fading into black. The Anime portrays a fish eye look at Kakashi, Yamato, and the Sai clone slowly closing.

The Anime added the ‘Itachi tells Sasuke the ‘truth’ about his sparing him’ scene, the ‘Hiruzen’ scene, and 'Sasuke’s freakout over the truth’ scene.

The Anime adds Danzo’s belief in Itachi’s confidentiality.

The Anime adds to the development of Sasuke’s Susanno’o.

Sasuke's reaction to Susanno'o-killing Danzo is different: the Manga portrays him smiling with a face streaked with his victim’s blood. The Anime shows his expression to be a sad, blood-free one.

The Anime adds to Danzo evading the Susanno’o, leaping on a flying rock at one point. The adaptation also adds Danzo throwing Shurinken at Sasuke, who catches them via sword and Hawk and throws them back.

The Manga has Sasuke removing Danzo’s Sharingan arm completely by sword as well as slashing his chest . The Anime has his Summoned Hawk catch one of Danzo’s Shurinken, throws it to cut off the arm with Sasuke slashing Danzo’s chest.
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