C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Assemble! The Allied Shinobi Forces!" [6/29]

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Sep 28, 2003
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The two armies mobilize. Prepare for 'Spot the Ninja!' for Kabuto's forces. On a different note, this marks the final appearance of the "newsong" OP, so some of its visuals never came to pass. No Sai VS Kisame, no Team Yamato learning flying abilities and doing Lightning Jitsu, and sadly no dance-off. I wanted to see Kakashi do pirouettes...


The Official Naruto Shippuden Thread

OPENING "newsong" by taciaca
CLOSING "By My Side" by hemenway​

Kabuto attacks the Paradise Island Turtle. Although he fails to capture Naruto and B, the snake-like Ninja manages to abduct Yamato.

Although the Manga and Anime series are over, please refrain from spoilers beyond Chapter 514/Episode 256. Look what happens to Yamato...
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Sep 28, 2003
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Episode 256: Assemble! The Allied Shinobi Alliance
Adapted From Naruto Chapter 515

It’s the First!
First Anime Appearances of:
-Kitsuchi, Kurosutchi’s father and Onoki’s son-in-law.
-Han the Five Tail and Fuu the Seven Tail Jinchikuris.
-The Second Tsuchikage.

In addition to the Akatsuki and that unknown person, Kabuto has made Edo-Tenseis of the Two-Tails-The Seven-Tails Jinchikuris, as well as Hanzo, Chiyo, Kinnamaro, Asuma, Hissashi Hyuga (Neji’s father), Dan (Tsunade’s lover and Shizune’s Uncle), Gari, Zabuza and Haku, the Third Raikage (A’s father), the Fourth Kazekage (the Sand Sibling’s father), and the Second Tsuchikage.

Yamato becomes a battery to the Zetsu nexus. This marks his last chronological appearance for about 200 Episodes.

Sasuke makes a brief reappearance, eyes still bandaged, watched over by the main White Zetsu.

The Alliance Army has been mobilized. The ranks are:
-Main Battle Commander-in-Chief- Gaara
-First Company (Mid-Range Unit) Captain- Darui. Hisashi, Choza, and Tenten are among this company.
-Second Company (Close-Range Unit) Captain-Kitsuchi. Kurosutchi, Neji, Hinata, and Karui are in this company.
-Third Company (Intermediate Unit) Captain- Kakashi. Sakura, Rock Lee, and Mighty Gai.
-Fourth Company (Long-Range Unit) Captain- Gaara. Shikamaru, Temari, and Choji are in this company.
-Fifth Company (Special Unit) Captain- Mifune. Kiba, Hana, Shino, and Ino are in this company.
-Commando Unit Captain Kankuro. Sai and Omoi
-Medical and Logistics Unit Captain- Shizune
-Intel Unit Captain- Inochi. Aoba is part of this company.
Sensory Unit- Ao. C is part of this company.

Each unit comprises of multi-national ninjas.

All the Konohagakure and Sunagakure Ninja are wearing their full Ninja regalia (black shirt and pants, green vests). There are some exceptions: Shino and his clan still wear their coats, and Choji's clan only wear the vest

The Plot Thickens
To avoid any further attacks at sea, Onoki carries the Paradise Turtle Island to its destination (Near Kumokagure HQ), showing the extent of his ability to lessen the mass of objects.

Naruto finishes his mission of the survey, but his wish to return home to wait for Sasuke is delayed by Killer B’s wish to train him how to better control his Biju mode. As a result, Naruto is kept inside the Turtle shell to avoid notice of the outside war.

B’s drill has Naruto use his Biju power to stack up blocks.

Through Muta’s Grubs and Tokuma’s Byakugan, Anko learns the number of the enemy.

The wish to keep Yamato alive turns down Madara’s consideration to use the Ningendo Jutsu on Yamato for intel. Instead, Kabuto’s truth serum and Madara’s Sharingan will do the job.

Via intel, the Alliance deduces that a ground attack will pass through Yugakure and Shimokagure (both nations are told to evacuate).

For symbolizing the alliance, all the soldiers’ forehead protector headbands will carry the word ‘Ninja.’

C comments about his distaste for war.

Inochi is praised by Tenga.

Remember When (or Not)
Ningendo Pain killing Shizune is portrayed.

Who is that Masked Man?
Madara comments on Kabuto’s knowledge about Hashirama’s wood jutsu, noting the venom he uses to weaken Yamato. Further proof of how Orochimaru knew the scope of his plans.

But in the Manga…
The Anime extends the Tsuchikage party’s trip, with Akutsuchi responding to Kurosutchi’s comments about taking flight, plus a scene of Onoko spotting their destination.

The Anime adds Sasuke's comment about his indifference about the war, feeling his desire to destroy Konoha is his objective.

The Anime adds concern for Anko wearing herself down over this investigation. Anko stays on the mission.

The Anime adds Tokuma’s Byakugan vision of the Zetsu Army.

The Anime adds the Kages watching the Turtle Island’s arrival. Tsunade is silent about her concern of keeping Naruto out of the war. Mei volunteers to greet Onoki.

The Anime extends Naruto’s failure to stack the blocks with as starter scene of him successfully stacking them before they are upset (from the landing of the Island).

The Anime adds a scene of Kabuto’s snake hissing beside him.

The Anime adds scenes of the mobilization. Ninjas receiving a headband. Tonton is mistaken for an escaped livestock. Lee greets sakura. Neji assures Hinata.

There are expositions of each group explaining their units and abilities (mostly done by Shikamaru).

Shikamaru and Temari explain to Choji the multi-national assemblage of the army.

The Anime adds Kabuto summoning the Edo-Tensei coffins. The Anime also has Kabuto identify most of his soldiers.

The Anime adds a Rock Lee & Pals omake, where Lee has to deal with washing-shrunk uniforms.
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