C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "A Father's Hope, A Mother's Love" [5/23]

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Sep 28, 2003
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Remember this tragic scene?

The night Little Gaara learned his life was a Lie. That No One- not his beloved Uncle Yashamaru, not the mother who gave him life at the cost of her own- Loved him. Gaara fell to the Dark Side, all because of the truth...

Or so he believed was the truth.

The Official Naruto Shippuden Thread

OPENING: "If" By Daisuke
CLOSING: "Goodbye Memory" By 7!!! Seven Oops​

Last Time on Naruto Shippuden
Naruto enters the battle, detecting and defeating the WZI (White Zetsu Infiltrators). At Fourth Company, the battle with the Four Edo-Kage resumes, with Edo-Raza confronting his son Gaara.

A particularly memorable episode (one that convinced me to buy the Manga volume when my fanship with the series had been on a wane, soon to rise again that December 2014). Please no spoilers.
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Sep 28, 2003
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Episode 297 A Father’s Love
Adapted from Naruto Chapters 547-548

Lord First!
Although in flashback this is the first Anime actual appearance of Kurara in person.

It is revealed by Edo-Raza that Yashamaru’s assassination attempt on Gaara was actually, as the child originally suspected, him following orders. Furthermore, his words about Gaara being unloved and hated by him and his mother were lies ordered by Raza to test his emotional stability. Still a pretty Richard move.

It is recognized that Gaara’s protective sand shield takes the form of his mother protecting him, a side effect of her experimental birth of him.

Gaara seals away his father.

The Plot Thickens…
Edo-Raza Is shocked by Gaara being his successor as Kazekage.

The Edo-Kage learn about the Nation’s Alliance.

Edo-Mu warns Onoki that once this war is over the Alliance will probably break apart in discord over the spoils (an action that angers his fellow Kage). Onoki pleases Edo-Mu with the assurance it won’t happen.

Edo-Gengutsu hopes Gaara can kill them so he can rest in peace (he also wants Edo-Mu to be the first to die).

It is revealed Yashamaru was a die hard Anbu Ninja, committed to following orders regardless of his dislike of them (like breaking the heart of his beloved nephew).

Love, Family, and Friendship.
Edo-Raza is further shocked that Gaara made friends.

Edo-Gengutsu, believing friendship is a key part of childhood, is astonished by Edo-Raza’s comment that Gaara lacked friends.

Temari recognizes her father.

Gaara is staggered by the truth that his mother loved him. When he thinks about Yashamaru telling him about the healing power of Love (with the added realization that his Uncle really did love him) he weeps.

Edo-Raza asks for forgiveness for treating Gaara as a weapon and not as a son. Gaara forgives him.

Kurara’s dying action is cradling the premature Gaara, promising him her protection.

It is nice to know that Yashamaru did genuinely love Gaara after all, despite his actions.

Remember When (or Not)
Gaara remembers his death at the Gedo Statue, Chiyo & Naruto resurrecting him, and the Sand Ninjas gathering around him.

Gaara’s birth and Kurara’s death are portrayed.

A flashback of Kid Gaara killing a man.

Chiyo telling a despairing Raza about Gaara’s failure to control Shukaku.

A meeting of the Elders consider the instability of the Jinchikuri and the Sand Village’s weakening defenses.

Raza ordering a reluctant Yashamaru to hurt Gaara both emotionally and physically.

Gaara’s fight with Yashamaru and his berserk destruction (witnessed by Raza via his Sand Eye).

Yashamaru’s talk with Gaara about Love.

But in the Manga…
The Anime Kurara has a kinder face to seeing Gaara for the first time. The Manga has her staring blankly at him.

The Anime extends Kurara’s death scene, as Raza lowers his head in grief with Chiyo putting a hand on his shoulder.

Gaara’s memories in the manga are strictly Chiyo and Naruto saving him.

The Anime adds Yashamaru putting on his Shinobi clothes for his fateful mission.