C&C - My Hero Academia - "RUSH!" [6/29]

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Jul 13, 2003
Wow, that was some nice tension ramping up and a welcome result that everyone in UA passed.

I didn't think it was be the belly button laser, pigeons, tape, boulders, and gravity to save the day...

I was happy to see Denki get the spotlight and show some real improvement. And everyone getting down on him, lol.

It was also amusing to see Bakugo's observation proved correct, that Shindo guy that made the earthquake is a d-bag faking his smile.
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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. Seiji's Quirk was quite disturbing with turning people into blobs of flesh. It wasn't too surprising that Bakugo was captured too. He was focused on fighting Seiji directly, but then he setup another attack right behind Bakugo. Having Kaminari be the last one of the group standing helped to create a bit more tension. He is easily the weakest out of the three, but he was still able to use Bakugo's explosion to his advantage. While Kaminari isn't the smartest kid in Class 1-A, he does clearly care about his friends. One of the reasons why he wanted to upgrade his costume with some new gear was so that he wouldn't risk hurting his friends with his Quirk. That is one of the major downsides to his power, along with frying his mind if he uses too much electricity all at once. Plus, he was able to recognize more about both Bakugo and Kirishima's personalities than Seiji since he actually knows them. Bakugo is confrontational and aggressive, but he still is working hard to become a hero. Kirishima jumped in to protect his friend even though it put him in danger.

It was pretty cool to see Kaminari freeing everyone after he landing that attack. Kirishima and Bakugo hitting Seiji was also pretty satisfying. Turning people into flesh blobs upon touching them could have easily been too overpowered, so having that power weaken with the more damage he takes was a pretty good idea. They had to face off against everyone else Seiji captured, but they were able to defeat them and pass.

It was pretty cool to see how Midoriya, Uraraka and Sero worked together. I didn't think that their powers would work mix well together to trap a lot of people. Midoriya was fast enough to attract some attention, Sero put tap all over different rocks and Uraraka used her powers to float them right above their opponents so that no one would be injured. It was a pretty effective plan. It definitely helped that the spots were filling up pretty fast and that more students were desperate and eager to pass. Seeing Midoriya and Bakugo's groups being so happy to pass was pretty nice. Bakugo even acknowledged Midoriya's progress without being a huge jerk about it, which was pretty surprising. I didn't blame Midoriya for being so shocked since he's been used to Bakugo as his bully for years. Bakugo said that Midoriya made that borrowed Quirk his own, which is rather telling. He was still suspicious about what connection Midoriya and All Might had earlier in this season, but he also still remembers what Midoriya told him shortly after their match.

I really liked how Iida was focused more on helping his other classmates. He obviously still wanted to pass the test like everyone else, but he wasn't focused on just helping himself. He wanted to be the kind of hero who looks out for others first just like his brother, which would still help him towards accomplishing his dream regardless of how the test goes. I think it also showed how Iida has changed since the Hosu incident. During that arc, he was focused entirely on satisfying his own desire for revenge, but now he wants to focus on helping other people first. Even during the entrance exam, he was focused on getting away from the giant robot instead of helping Midoriya despite noticing that he was frozen in fear. It shows that he has become a more selfless kind of hero who is trying to keep others on his mind instead of focusing on his own goals and feelings.

Aoyama attempting to sacrifice himself so Iida could pass was a nice gesture. He was too afraid to help out during most of the Training Camp attack and he was touched by Iida's selflessness as well. It seems like Aoyama might have been lonely as a little kid if that flashback was any indication. I liked that the laser beam actually helped give the other Class 1-A students a chance to attack. Aoyama was a huge target and was already hit twice, so the other students would be more focused on them than on what the other students were doing. It was pretty nice to see the rest of the class working well together. Admittedly, I still wish that Mienta had somehow failed, but I also wish that he was written out of the series and that isn't happening anytime soon unfortunately. Even so, it was pretty neat to see Class 1-A all pass just within the last few remaining slots and I like it with some of the supporting characters get a chance to shine too. Aizawa being upset and saying that they're going to be training so hard when they get back home was kind of funny. The fact that so many students lasted that long into the first round is still pretty impressive.

The second round being about a rescue mission sounds pretty interesting. The cast has been more focused on combat training, improving their Quirks and fighting villains. There hasn't been as much focus on rescue by comparison, so that could provide a different kind of conflict for the main cast. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.


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