C&C - My Hero Academia - "Rescue Exercises" [7/6]

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Sep 11, 2009

Previously on My Hero Academia: Seiji uses his "Meatball" Quirk to neutralize both Kirishima and Bakugo. However, Kaminari uses one of Bakugo's grenades to distract Seiji long enough to zap him with his electricity Quirk. Seiji temporarily loses control of his Quirk, allowing Kirishima and Bakugo to retaliate. Together, the three students are able to pass the test. Meanwhile, Midoriya acts as a decoy, allowing Uraraka and Sero to restrain all of their opponents, and those three pass the exam as well. Elsewhere, Iida is searching for stray Class 1-A students and finds Aoyama hiding alone, when they are attacked by many students. They try to run away, but Aoyama shoots his navel laser into the air as a beacon. His plan is to sacrifice himself by luring the enemy close, allowing Iida to use his super speed to target three opponents and pass the test. Just as all seems lost, the rest of Class 1-A arrives to assist in defeating the nearby students. Thanks to Aoyama's beacon, the rest of Class 1-A all pass, bringing the number of successful examinees to 100 and the event to an end.

Tonight: The second test of the provisional licensing exam has begun, and the hero candidates are suddenly thrust into a rescue operation.

Notes: Once again, just a reminder that My Hero Academia airs at 3:30 AM starting tonight.


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May 21, 2013
First off I thank anyone in advance for staying up long enough to watch this episode. The fact that they couldnt at least put this at the 2 am spot is disgusting, but we have to make the best of it. Anyway on to the second half of test.

Wow I had hoped someone stayed up this late but I guess thats just wishful thinking. Thx for the middle finger of a time slot Toonami.
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Jul 14, 2005
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First off I thank anyone in advance for staying up long enough to watch this episode. The fact that they couldnt at least put this at the 2 am spot is disgusting, but we have to make the best of it. Anyway on to the second half of test.

Yeah, I was wondering about that timeslot. Is MHA really doing that badly?


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Jul 13, 2003
Wow, it felt truly ludicrous watching this live as the close out for the block tonight/this morning. And for some reason, the English subtitles were playing in this episode.

Well at least that hairy guy from Shinketsu seems cordial and level headed. And the plot thickens, Gale Force's hatred stems from Endeavor somehow.

Not shocked they'd throw in a few twists like the victims evaluating or Orca simulating an attack. Though logically, those with Quirks more suited for battle than rescue will switch over and fight.

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May 11, 2007
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Yeah, I was wondering about that timeslot. Is MHA really doing that badly?
Not really. They claim that it was doing poorly and said that this wouldn't have happened if all of the people who were upset watched the show on the block, but I don't think it was doing bad enough to be pushed down that far down. Putting the series at 12AM or 12:30AM would have been far more reasonable given the ratings it has been making. I'm still really upset about this decision, but at least I don't have to worry about season four now that I have a Funimation Now subscription.

Anyway, I thought that this episode was pretty good. Even though Mineta and Kaminari were a bit annoying with getting on Midoriya's case on seeing a nearly naked woman, Kaminari's reaction to her waving at him was pretty funny. Gale Force also seemed to have a more personal grudge against Todoroki to bring up Endeavor like that. The concept of the second half of the test was pretty interesting. Having basically actors pretend to be injured people in need of rescue is a pretty clever way for heroes in training to practice how to handle helping people in disasters. It was also smart to not tell the students how they would be graded so that they can see how they naturally react to disasters and injured victims. Of course, Bakugo still wanted to go off on his own while Kirishima and Kaminari wanted to follow him.

I actually really liked the contrast between how Class 1-A initially handled seeing an injured person with the second year students being much more prepared. Midoriya in particular can be a pretty nervous person, so of course his first reaction would be to say that this looks bad. Class 1-A in general haven't had to handle a lot of rescues. They've been primarily focused on powering up their Quirks and dealing with combat training. Midoriya has rescued other people of course, but it has mainly been with people he knows instead of complete strangers in the middle of a disaster zone.

Uraraka thinking about her crush on Midoriya was interesting. She has been distracted lately with her feelings and seeing Midoriya being so determined to keep working hard on his goal only made her that much more determined as well. I don't think that she really stopped having a crush on Midoriya per say. She wanted to put these feelings away, but I think that was more like she wanted to not be distracted by her crush so that they could both keep working on becoming heroes.

It was nice to see a bit of teamwork with some of the other Class 1-A students. They were moving slowly with getting rid of the rubble, but it was to prevent everything else from falling on top of the actor too. Everyone else splitting into teams made sense given how much of the area there was to cover and some of their Quirks were better suited to different areas too. Having different classes help out each other was also pretty neat and a nice way to show how pro heroes are both allies and competitors with each other. They compete each other in rankings, but they also need to work together in other situations.

Having a pro hero like Orca show up to act like the villain made the test more intense and challenging. That is a threat that can happen during a disaster, so the students have to be prepared for that possibility as well. They'll have to divide their attention between saving lives and fighting the villains. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.
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Sep 3, 2006
Forced to stream this off the website after my DVR failed to pick it up. Apparently you shouldn't set a DVR for a Saturday show six days in advance when you're still seeing last week's schedule.

How does a show this popular go from lead-in to close-out in the span of one week?

Last time: Check, check, check, and...check. Guess that's everybody.

How often does an entire class pass?

Bystanders? You know, damsels in distress and whatever the male equivalent of that is?

There's a professional hostage agency?

Umm, hello? Hottie in the room?

"Did I offend you somehow?"
Well, you paid him eye contact, so I say you made his sxxx list.

Nothing happened, Urikuri.

Insert City Name Here. If you lived here, you should have named this town by now.

I don't think the victims get to judge how they're rescued.

"Extend-O-Hair"? I hope that doesn't apply to ALL of his bodily hair.

In his defense, a bleeding head wound does technically look bad.

Never so much as levitate an injured person.

Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. Anger leads to suffering.

Is that I-beam coming from Yaoyorozu's...

No more crotch laser, please.

Your arms are broken, not your legs. You can still run.

How much can you make playing an injury victim?

I knew there'd be a villain attack in this test. Nice that it's on the curriculum for a change.
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