C&C - My Hero Academia - "In Each of our Hearts" [8/4]

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Sep 11, 2009
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Previously on My Hero Academia:

Having ran into Tenya on his way to the U.S.J., All Might knows all about the conflict occuring there. He rips off his tie and blazer as he shouts his catch phrase everything will be all right because he is here. He rushes through the central plaza at super speed to recover the injured Eraser Head, defeating the remaining villains there in a flash. He moves on to secure Izuku, Tsuyu and Minoru from the clutches of Tomura and Nomu. All Might sets them all down at a safe distance and instructs them to escape. Izuku tries to warn All Might about Nomu's endurance, but the Symbol of Peace tells it it will be alright. The students carry Eraserhead away from the area, and the battle begins between All Might and the villains.

All Might starts by striking Nomu with a Carolina Smash, but Nomu absorbs the impact and counters with a punch. All Might evades and delivers a punch of his own, but this attack has no effect as well. Tomura reveals that Nomu's Quirk is shock absorbtion, and he was made to fight and kill All Might. All Might figures that he can wear Nomu down, and uses a powerful reverse suplex on him. While carrying Eraser Head towards the exit, Minoru notices how strong All Might is and cheers him on. However, Izuku knows the truth about All Might's limit and worries he will overexert himself.

When the smoke from All Might's attack clears, Izuku and the others see that Kurogiri has used his warp gate to save Nomu. Instead of burying his body in the sand, All Might send half of Nomu's body through a portal while he still remains in the suplex position. Nomu uses the opening to grab onto All Might's weak point, while Kurogiri slowly drags him into the warp gate. Alert to All Might's peril, Izuku rushes over to aid him.

Kurogiri cuts Izuku off and prepares to warp him away, but Katsuki unexpectedly appears and blasts the villain with an explosion before pinning him to the ground. Shoto arrives and freezes Nomu's body, careful to avoid All Might. He reveals one of the weaker criminals revealed the League of Villain's plans to him. Thanks to the ice, All Might is able to free himself from Nomu's grip. Eiijro appears as well and tries a sneak attack on Tomura, but to no avail.

Tsuyu and Minoru are happy to see the others helping All Might, and are noticed by Ochaco and the rest of the class near the entrance. Some move to help carry Eraser Head, and Thirteen instructs the others to hide and allow All Might to handle the rest. Tomura is disappointed with Kurogiri, who has allowed Katsuki to exploit his weakness.

Katsuki realized that Kurogiri has neck armor to protect his physical body, and uses the smoke from his Quirk to hide it, but he cannot resist physical attacks if they're well aimed. Katsuki has him pinned down by this armor, and threatens to blow him up if he moves. .

Tomura compliments the students on their efforts and orders Nomu to save Kurogiri. The students watch in horror as Nomu breaks free from his icy prison and regenerates his frozen limbs. The monster attacks Katsuki, but the young hero is saved when All Might takes the blunt of Nomu's attack. Tomura is impressed with All Might and begins to monologue about how heroes have caused widespread violence throughout the world, but All Might replies that Tomura and the villains don't have any noble cause for their actions.

Even with his powers declining rapidly, All Might engages Nomu in a ferocious fist fight. He goes beyond one-hundred percent to vigorously bypass the limit of Nomu's endurance. They trade blows and battle across the U.S.J. at incredible speeds, creating shockwaves with each strike that keep anyone else from getting near them. After throwing Nomu onto the ground from high in the air, All Might lands and gives his final speech to the monster. He tells Nomu to remember the words Plus Ultra, and delivers a dynamic smash to send the villain flying out of the U.S.J. defeated.

All the students watch in awe of All Might's strength. The Symbol of Peace explains it took three hundred blows to defeat Nomu, but it would've only taken five in his prime. He continues, declaring that the League of Villains are finished, much to Tomura's displeasure.

Tonight: As the battle at USJ winds down, Izuku and All Might think about its repercussions. Meanwhile, the villains slink home to plan their next move

MHA Jukebox: Well, tonight's episode marks the end of the first season and on that note I've decided to retire the MHA Jukebox. Honestly, it's become kind of a chore trying to come up with hero-related songs every week and really wasn't necessary to begin with. But I'll close us off with a bang with David Bowie's Heroes.

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May 21, 2013
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First things first, Happy Belated Birthdays to two of 1-A’s fantastic females. Our favorite pink skinned alien girl Mina Ashido who’s birthday was on July 30th and the punk rock Kyoka Jirou who’s birthday was on August 1st.

Second for those who haven’t heard, MHA will be moving in two weeks. It’ll then move an hour earlier becoming the new lead in for Toonami at 10.

Now onto the S1 finale! Things start to cooldown quick in this ep as we witness the aftermath of the USJ attack but keep watching people. A major S2 player makes his debut post credits. One who leaves a massive impact that ends up forever changing the entire MHA universe. (Of course veterans know EXACTLY who I’m talking about)
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Sep 3, 2006
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The logic in Shiragaki's argument is transparently flawed.

Nobody likes violence, because nobody wants to be punched or kicked or maimed or shot or stabbed or otherwise maimed or lacerated. The difference here is that heroes only use violence when the situation calls for it, like in self-defense, and it is possible to become a hero without using physical force. Meanwhile, the villains are the quickest to use violence, and unlike in nature where animals kill animals for food or to protect their young, villains use it unprovokedly for no logical reason, such as attacking a bunch of seemingly defenseless school children.

Normally it's the girl who gets caught.

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