C&C - Lupin the Third - “The Lupin Game” [6/22]

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Nov 9, 2016
Looks like the modern Lupins will introduce a new girl for each new series.

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. The chase scene through the airport was pretty neat and I did get a nice laugh from the whole bringing a sword to a gunfight line. Lupin's plan to deal with the online celebrity was pretty smart. He just put himself in the wide open so that people would lose interest in him and in an area where the police couldn't arrest him. It was pretty funny to see just how much he embraced being an online celebrity. People calling Jigen Lupin's lover was unexpected, but I imagine that they're a popular pairing within the fanbase anyway.

Ami leaving all of a sudden was a bit strange, but she does seem rather aloof and distant. The street punks thinking that Lupin had an ego because he went viral was also pretty funny and he was able to deal with them quite easily. Ami being way too direct about what Lupin could have wanted was a bit much, but I appreciated that Lupin instantly said no. She is still a young girl and Lupin could possibly be old enough to be her father, so making it clear that Lupin had no romantic feelings for her was quite appreciated. It seems more like Lupin might be developing a parental kind of instinct or feelings for Ami though, which could be a refreshing and different kind of relationship for him. He just isn't familiar enough with feeling that kind of concern for another person that he wouldn't know how to describe it exactly.

Some of these assassins were quite ridiculous, especially the bellhop and sailor. That's some of the cartoonish humor I was expecting from Part IV, so it's nice to see that featured pretty much right away for this season. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.


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Nov 1, 2013
You know with all these assassins I'm a bit sad we didn't get a Hawk cameo



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