C&C - Lupin the Third - “The Lupin Game” [6/22]

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Bites the Dust
Sep 30, 2005
The Grid


Arsène Lupin III
Voiced by: Tony Oliver
The grandson of famed criminal Arsène Lupin, he is a master thief and a ladies man.

Daisuke Jigen
Voiced by: Richard Epcar
Lupin's right-hand man and an excellent sharpshooter.

Goemon Ishikawa XIII
Voiced by: Lex Lang
Descendant of 16th century outlaw Ishikawa Goemon, he is a master swordsman and very prideful of his Japanese heritage.

Fujiko Mine
Voiced by: Michelle Ruff
Professional burglar and seductress in an on-again off-again relationship with Lupin, depending on whether or not she's currently stabbing him in the back.

Koichi Zenigata
Voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Descendant of Japanese detective Zenigata Heiji, he is an inspector working for Interpol, having dedicated his life towards putting Lupin behind bars.

Ami Enan
Voiced by: Cristina Vee
A teenage computer hacker who has been isolated and a prisoner for most of her life, until Lupin “stole” her from the Twin Towers bank so that she could experience the outside world.

Episode 2
"The Lupin Game”

Some unknown people examined a file on Lupin III and his connections and exploits over the years. In France, Lupin was ready for his next target, the wealth generated by the Dark Web website Marco Polo, where one can buy illegal drugs or anything else illegal they might desire. They infiltrated the Twin Tower facility, where one tower is above the water and the other is below. They were looking for the person who had the digital key to unlock the digital safe.

Lupin and Jigen made it to the lower level, where Lupin–in disguise–saw a young, petite woman. He declared himself to be her father, but she slowly rejected this, then pulled a Baby Browning from her panties and opened fire. Using an implant, she alerted security to the intruders. Lupin emerged after her fifth shot and proved he’s an excellent thief by producing her sixth bullet. The girl, Ami, agreed to help Lupin if he stole her away from this place. Lupin readily agreed.

Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Ami were on the road to freedom as Ami transfered all of the Marco Polo money to Lupin. The site’s owners were not amused and immediately began to take steps to nail Lupin. Meanwhile, Lupin and company were at a hideout, but it was quickly discovered by Zenigata and a large police force. Lupin and company managed to get away, but were soon found by another police force. Here too, they managed to elude pursuit, but at the cost of Lupin’s Fiat.

Arriving at an airport, Lupin confirmed they had no trackers on them, so it was a mystery how they were being found so quickly. Lupin scored them tickets to Dusseldorf, but the group noticed that everyone was taking pictures of them with cameras on their phones or tablets. A boy got a selfie with Lupin and when asked, he told them about the new Lupin game out there. Lupin realized that the creators of this game had turned everyone into a cop with the purposes of nailing him.

This time:
The Marco Polo executives have set a trap in the form of the Lupin Game. This has people all over the world tracking down Lupin. At the airport, not only are the police looking for him, but regular people are too, leaving him with few options for escape. He tries to steal a plane, but Zenigata plans ahead... will Lupin be able to escape the Lupin Game?


Well-Known Member
Sep 11, 2009
Jigen as Lupin's lover? Hmm, someone was bound to suggest that eventually.

And Goemon is homophobic.


Well-Known Member
Sep 11, 2009
Yes, I'll take a photo with my Nekon of me eating at McDoland's and post it on Faceblok.

Happy Death Day? So what, they're going to Mexico?


The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006
Lupin seems to have embraced online celebrity.

Where's Bwanda?

Yes, I'll take a photo with my Nekon of me eating at McDoland's and post it on Faceblok.
Let's get a coffee at Starbecks later.

Monkey Python's flying circus.

Don't put pics of your food on Instagram. I hate that.

A young girl walking down a dark alley. This always ends well.


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Sep 11, 2009
"I wouldn't say I went viral on the Internet, as much as the Internet went viral on me."

Well...she's certainly direct, isn't she?


Open bar knock yourself out
Nov 1, 2013
I really don't care for Ami as a character, feels too much like a Rei Ayanami rip off


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