C&C - Lupin the Third - “The Killers Gather in the Wasteland” [6/29]

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. Some of these assassins still look pretty ridiculous, but the chase scene was pretty intense. I certainly wasn't expecting Ami to get shot like that. At least it wasn't fatal and it was done so that they could slow Lupin down. I was not expecting Ami's backstory to involve being kidnapped for child pornography. That is a pretty horrifying twist. I guess it isn't too out of left field when I think there were some similar kind of villains in an episode of Part IV, but this season has still been pretty laid back and not that serious, so that was just disturbing.

Lupin's plan was pretty smart too. He still made himself a giant target, but also had the assassins fight off each other due to the whole Death Day Game. I wasn't sure if they actually killed the other assassins for awhile, but I guess that they did, especially with Gogemon cutting off one of their hands.

Lupin's conversation with Ami still give off a father figure kind of vibe to me for some reason. Considering Ami's backstory, it is a miracle that she didn't have sex with any of those pieces of scum, so that is a relief. Another relief is Lupin saying that he only has sex with adults. I still need all of the in-universe reassurance that Lupin is not going to develop romantic feelings for the clearly underage teenage girl, which is a rather sad notion in itself. It was still pretty neat to have that final face off with an assassin and then Fujiko showed up. I forget if Part IV made it clear, but I didn't think that they were ever officially a couple. I thought that it was a running gag for Lupin to chase after her. Fujiko pointing a gun at Lupin was an unexpected cliffhanger.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode. I am enjoying Part V so far much more than I did with most of Part IV, especially right off the bat. That is a pretty good promising sign, so hopefully it will still be fun to watch going forward.


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