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All That Glitters Ain't Gold
Sep 30, 2005
The Grid

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - Part 5: Golden Wind
Opening theme: “Fighting Gold” by Coda
Ending theme: “Freek’n You” by Jodeci (Version 2)​


Giorno Giovanni
Voiced by: Phillip Reich
Stand: Golden Wind (JP: Gold Experience)
Abilities: Life Giver and Life Shot
Stats: Destructive Power - C / Speed - A / Range - C / Persistence - D / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - A
Namesake: Giorno (Italian for “day”) / Gold Experience (album by Prince)
Born Haruno Shiobana, Giorno is the son of the vampire DIO (using Jonathan Joestar’s body) and a Japanese woman. Inspired by a nice gangster who helped him as a child, Giorno has made it his mission in life to become part of the mafia and rise through its ranks to become its leader, determined to stop the drug trade that has targeted Italy’s youth. Sometime recently, his hair turned from black to blonde and he manifested a Stand known as Golden Wind, which has the ability to give anything it touches life. Giorno most often uses this ability to transform inanimate objects into living creatures.

Bruno Bucciarati
Voiced by: Ray Chase
Stand: Zipper Man (JP: Sticky Fingers)
Ability: Zippers
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - C / Persistence - D / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - D
Namesakes: “Buccellati” (Sicilian fig cookie) / “Sticky Fingers” (Rolling Stones album)
A member of the Passione mafia, Bruno is one of the more righteous members, sharing Giorno’s desire to uproot the organization from the inside. His Stand, Zipper Man, can create zippers, which can either sever things in two or create pocket dimensions within objects that can hold either himself or other items.

Leone Abbacchio
Voiced by: Mick Lauer
Stand: Moody Jazz (JP: Moody Blues)
Ability: Chronological Rebroadcasting
Stats: Destructive Power - C / Speed - C / Range - A / Persistence - A / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - C
Namesakes: “Leone” (Italian for “lion”) / “Abbacchio” (Italian for “lamb meat”) / The Moody Blues (British rock band)
Abbacchio is the no-nonsense member of Team Bucciarati, dedicated to his position. This dedication to upholding justice once drove him to become a police officer, but he soon found the system to be corrupt and favoring of criminals with deep pockets. In a moment of weakness, he accepted a bribe from a pimp instead of arresting him, but when that same pimp threatened to blackmail him, it led to the death of Abbacchio’s partner and his subsequent firing. Bucciarati, who saw his sense of justice, soon welcomed him into his group. Abbacchio’s Stand, Moody Jazz, has the ability to “replay” moments by rewinding and transforming into a person and reenacting what they did during that slice of time. This allows Abbacchio to investigate events, at the cost of his own vulnerability as Moody Jazz cannot attack while it is using its ability.

Guido Mista
Voiced by: Sean Chiplock
Stand: Six Bullets (JP: Sex Pistols)
Abilities: Bullet Control and Enhanced Reloading
Stats: Destructive Power - E / Speed - C / Range - B / Persistence - A / Precision - A / Developmental Potential - B
Namesakes: “Insalata mista” (Italian for “mixed salad”) / Sex Pistols (British punk rock band)
Mista is the laid-back member of Team Bucciarati, the most sociable and carefree with a desire for an easy life, a calmness that helps him to focus even in the heat of battle. At the same time, he is the most prone to casual violence for the pettiest of reasons. Mista also has an intense phobia of the number four, refusing to get into situations where the number comes up. Mista’s Stand, Six Bullets, is a Colony Stand type made up of six bullet-like creatures (numbered 1 to 7, skipping 4) that can help guide and control the bullets shot out of Mista’s gun via rebounding shots mid-air, as well as reloading the gun for Misa. Despite being Stands, each of the Six Bullets have distinct personalities separate from their user, can have conversations with Mista, and even eat food.

Narancia Ghirga
Voiced by: Kyle McCarley
Stand: Li’l Bomber (JP: Aerosmith)
Abilities: Machine Guns and Bombs, Carbon Dioxide Radar
Stats: Destructive Power - B / Speed - B / Range - B / Persistence - C / Precision - E / Developmental Potential - C
Namesakes: “Arancia” (Italian for “orange”) / Aerosmith (rock band)
Narancia is the most child-like member of Team Bucciarati, possessing a rather bratty personality. But he is incredibly loyal towards his friends, viewing them like family. His Stand, Li’l Bomber, takes the form of a small toy airplane with all the capabilities of a real fighter plane, including machine guns and bombs as weapons, as well as a radar that Narancia can use to track enemies via the carbon dioxide they exhale.

Pannacotta Fugo
Voiced by: Ethan Murray
Stand: Purple Smoke (JP: Purple Haze)
Ability: Killer Infection
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - B / Range - C / Persistence - E / Precision - E / Developmental Potential - B
Namesakes: “Panna cotta” (an Italian pudding) / “Fugo” (Italian for “dismissing”) / “Purple Haze” (Jimi Hendrix song)
Fugo is the most intelligent member of Team Bucciarati, having been a child prodigy who went to university at the age of 13, and as a result thinks more about the consequences of a situation than his comrades might. He is a caring and friendly person, and is especially protective of Narancia, who he treats like a younger brother. At the same time, Fugo has an explosively violent temper underneath, and anyone who gets him upset is liable to feel the full force of his fury. His Stand, Purple Smoke, possesses the deadly ability of unleashing a flesh-eating virus that can kill practically anyone, even its user. For this reason, Fugo rarely ever brings out his Stand, only using it as a last resort.

Trish Una
Voiced by: Lizzie Freeman
Namesakes: Trish Gott (American model) / “una” (Italian for “one”)
The estranged daughter of the Passione’s boss, Trish never knew her father and lived the first 15 years of her life with her mother until her passing. After this, she found herself placed under the mob’s protection, switching hands until winding up in the care of Buccarati’s group. Now she is the target of a group of Stand using assassins.

Voiced by: Ben Lepley
Stand: Mirror Man (JP: Man in the Mirror)
Ability: Mirror World Entry
Stats: Destructive Power - C / Speed - C / Range - B / Persistence - D / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - E
Namesakes: “illuso” (Italian for “deluded”) / “Man in the Mirror” (Michael Jackson song) / “Mirror Man” (The Human League song)
A member of La Squadra Esecuzioni, Illuso was an assassin with a smug and confident personality. His Stand, Mirror Man, had the ability to create and control a mirror world which Illuso used to trap targets in and attack them while defenseless. He was ultimately killed by Fugo’s Purple Smoke.

Episodio 14 (127)
“Il Treno Espresso Per Firenze”
Chapters adapted: 486-489

Previously on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:
Abbacchio attempted to retrieve the key, but Illuso used a nearby piece of a mirror to draw him into the mirror world. Abbacchio attempted to trick Illuso into taking Moody Jazz into the mirror, but Illuso counterattacked, leaving half of Abbacchio and Moody Jazz in each world, rendering each powerless. In desperation, Abbacchio cut off his own hand, enabling Moody Jazz's hand to grab and deliver the key to Giorno. However, rather than flee with the key, Giorno allowed himself to be dragged into the mirror world by Illuso. Giorno revealed he had infected himself with Purple Smoke's virus, and had now passed it on to Illuso. To save himself, Illuso escaped back into the real world, leaving his infected arm in the mirror world. However, Giorno had earlier used Golden Wind to turn a brick into a snake, which tracked Illuso's position and enabled Fugo to follow and kill him with Purple Smoke. As Illuso died, Fugo, Abbacchio and Giorno returned to the real world, where Giorno used the snake's antibodies to cure his own infection before tasking Fugo with treating Abbacchio's wounds.

The gang find a turtle at the train station.


This week’s Jukebox is "Coco Jamboo" by Mr. President.

  • The episode title translates to “The Express Train To Florence”.
  • New ED this week, sort of. Same song, different visuals.
  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volume 52 of the Japanese manga release.
  • The first four Parts of the anime, as well as the live-action movie based on Part 4, are now available on Bluray from Viz Media.
  • As for the manga releases from Viz Media, Parts 1-3 are now available and Part 4 is in the process of releasing. These can be found physically in hardcover, as well as digitally on Viz’s Shonen Jump app.
  • Please, no spoilers!
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Sep 11, 2009
Previously on JJBA: Get down with the sickness. And stay down.

Abbacchio gets his hand back. Glad to see there were no consequences for that.


The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006
How'd he get his hand back?

Nice new Mystery Machine. Hope you remembered to vacuum out all the dog hair.

I hear mob bosses can have you killed for copping a feel on his daughter.
You're just lucky he's estranged.

"The express train to Florence,", for non-speakers of Italian. (Thank you Google Translate.)


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Sep 11, 2009
Because every anime has to have shameless fanservice.

Say what you want about pineapple head. At least he has a distinct design.


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Sep 11, 2009
Fisher Man. Beach Boy. Hmm, kind of a stretch.

Hook, line, and holy s**t that looks like it hurts.


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Sep 11, 2009
Who needs a fancy hotel when you can just go the Turtle Inn?

Ghirga, you okay there, champ?

Uhh...apparently not.


Time for school...
Apr 9, 2005
It's like those color-changing cars and clothes that use warmth or cold.

New ED animation, same Freek'n You.


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