C&C - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "Golden Wind Requiem” [10/17]


The Crimson King

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - Part 5: Golden Wind
Opening: “Traitor’s Requiem” by Daisuke Hasegawa [GER Ver.]
Ending: "Modern Crusaders" by Enigma


Giorno Giovanni
Voiced by: Phillip Reich
Stand: Golden Wind Requiem (JP: Gold Experience Requiem)
Abilities: Return to Zero and Life Giver
Stats: Destructive Power - Null / Speed - Null / Range - Null / Persistence - Null / Precision - Null / Developmental Potential - Null
Namesake: Giorno (Italian for “day”) / Gold Experience (album by Prince)
Born Haruno Shiobana, Giorno is the son of the vampire DIO (using Jonathan Joestar’s body) and a Japanese woman. Inspired by a nice gangster who helped him as a child, Giorno has made it his mission in life to become part of the mafia and rise through its ranks to become its leader, determined to stop the drug trade that has targeted Italy’s youth. Sometime recently, his hair turned from black to blonde and he manifested a Stand known as Golden Wind, which had the ability to give anything it touches life. However, during the final battle against Diavolo, the leader of Passione, Giorno’s Stand was pierced with a Stand Arrow and became a Requiem Stand. Now, in addition to giving life, it has the power to nullify any action, making it perhaps the most powerful Stand in existence.

Guido Mista
Voiced by: Sean Chiplock
Stand: Six Bullets (JP: Sex Pistols)
Abilities: Bullet Control and Enhanced Reloading
Stats: Destructive Power - E / Speed - C / Range - B / Persistence - A / Precision - A / Developmental Potential - B
Namesakes: “Insalata mista” (Italian for “mixed salad”) / Sex Pistols (British punk rock band)
Mista is the laid-back member of Team Bucciarati, the most sociable and carefree with a desire for an easy life, a calmness that helps him to focus even in the heat of battle. At the same time, he is the most prone to casual violence for the pettiest of reasons. Mista also has an intense phobia of the number four, refusing to get into situations where the number comes up. Mista’s Stand, Six Bullets, is a Colony Stand type made up of six bullet-like creatures (numbered 1 to 7, skipping 4) that can help guide and control the bullets shot out of Mista’s gun via rebounding shots mid-air, as well as reloading the gun for Misa. Despite being Stands, each of the Six Bullets have distinct personalities separate from their user, can have conversations with Mista, and even eat food.

Trish Una
Voiced by: Lizzie Freeman
Stand: Spicy Lady (JP: Spice Girl)
Ability: Softening
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - C / Persistence - B / Precision - D / Developmental Potential - C
Namesakes: Trish Gott (American model) / “una” (Italian for “one”) / Spice Girls (British pop group)
The estranged daughter of the Passione’s boss, Trish never knew her father and lived the first 15 years of her life with her mother until her passing. After this, she found herself placed under the mob’s protection, switching hands until winding up in the care of Buccarati’s group. Now she is targeted by her own father and his personal assassins, who intends to snuff her out to ensure his identity remains secret. While on their journey, Trish has manifested her own Stand, Spicy Lady, who has the ability to soften any material it touches into a rubber-like consistency.

Jean Pierre Polnareff
Voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Namesakes: Jean-Paul Belmondo (actor) / Michel Polnareff (musician)
In 1987, Jean Pierre Polnareff set off on a mission to hunt down the man with two left hands who killed his sister, with his search leading him into the clutches of the century-old vampire known as DIO. However, he was saved by the Joestar family, and aided them on their quest to kill DIO, exacting his revenge on his sister's killer along the way. Though he parted with his companions once their mission was complete, he kept in touch with Jotaro during the 90s, when the two of them learned of the Arrows. Polnareff's investigations alerted the attention of Diavolo, the Passione's boss, who personally confronted him. While Polnareff managed to escape, the encounter cost him an eye and his legs, and he went underground until the moment was right. That moment came when Buccarati's group stood to challenge the Boss, and with an Arrow in hand, Polnareff was ready to help put an end to the devil once and for all. But just before he could pass the Arrow onto Buccarati, Diavolo killed him. However Polnareff's Stand, Silver Chariot, was pierced by the Arrow just before death, and transformed into a new form: Chariot Requiem, which transferred his soul to the body of the turtle Coco Large, where he now lives on.

Voiced by: Kellen Goff
Stand: Emperor Crimson (JP: King Crimson)
Ability: Time Erasure and Precognition
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - E / Persistence - E / Precision - Unknown / Developmental Potential - Unknown
Namesakes: Diavolo (Italian for “devil”) / King Crimson (British rock band)
Diavolo is the elusive leader of the Italian mafioso gang known as Passione. His identity is a complete mystery that he intends on upholding at all costs, which has now been threatened upon the discovery of his long lost daughter Trish. His Stand, the terrifying Emperor Crimson, has the seemingly unstoppable ability to perceive ten seconds ahead into the future and erase the events that would have transpired during that time (example: If someone tries to shoot the Boss with a gun, the Boss can erase the moment that the bullet would have pierced his body and remain unharmed). No one other than the Boss is able to remember or perceive those ten seconds, and only the Boss can alter events during it.

Episodio 38 (151)
“Golden Wind Requiem”
Chapters adapted: 588-591

Righteous actions born of truth shall never be destroyed. Piercing Golden Wind with the arrow, Giorno draws the final battle against Diavolo.


This week’s Jukebox is "Eye Hate U” by Prince from his "Gold" album.

  • Tonight, JoJo will be airing an hour later at 1:30am due to a live Run the Jewels concert at midnight. It will return to its normal 12:30 timeslot next week for the season finale.
  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volume 63 of the Japanese manga release.
  • The first 20 episodes of Golden Wind are now on Blu-ray. The first four Parts of both the manga and the anime (as well as the live-action movie) are also available from Viz Media.
  • No spoilers! And stay safe.


The kids are all wrong
Sucks we had to wait an extra hour for this, although it was for a good cause.

Last time: Farewell, Buccie. Your fly will always be open in our hearts.

Are they doing RTJ music for the bumps this week again?

"Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a cannibal?"

We're live from the Roman Coliseum today...

Some human instrumentality in the intro.

Done in by a hobo. Doesn't get more humiliating than that.

Welcome to your own autopsy.

What, no anesthesia?
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Mr. Anime

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His physical body is dead, but Giorno basically sentenced his mind to experience infinite deaths, and he feels all of it. Oh, and it turns out that Golden Experience Requiem's power can outlast even the heat death of the universe. Diavolo's torment will never end. He has the worst fate in all of anime/manga.


The kids are all wrong
Not sure where this talk about meat and the pinstriped guy is leading to.

Never date Yoshikage Kira.

It seems the mob has been made an offer they can't refuse.

Mista?! That's what the toilet is for!

Someone's been leaving their cannonballs lying around.

So he's a sculptor who's seen Blue Gender.
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Greetings from Honneamise
1. Run the Jewels are awesome.

2. Couldn't find a current Dragon Ball thread, so let me say here that Master Roshi is utterly repulsive, especially in tonight's episode.

3. What a weird yet compelling JoJo episode. Between Diavolo's eternal torment and the sheer strangeness of the epilogue, this is one of the most surreal installments yet.
So yeah, JoJo Part 5 is ending on a flashback adventure. The fandom's reaction was and still is mixed to Araki's choice here.

it was a really stupid decision....what was the point of building up to this final battle if it was just gonna consist of Giorno defeating diavolo easily and then actually concluding part 5 on something that feels like a small scale story from earlier in golden wind?


The Crimson King
So yeah, JoJo Part 5 is ending on a flashback adventure. The fandom's reaction was and still is mixed to Araki's choice here.
My pet theory is still that Araki (or his editor) realized when the Diavolo fight ended that he was half a volume short, so he wrote this story primarily to pad out the page length.

Not an official explanation by any means, just speculation on the most practical reason for ending Part 5 like this.


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Yeah, the Sleeping (or Slumbering) Slaves arc may seem inconsequential but it ties in with the themes of Golden Wind and is important.


Yes, have some.
Staff member
Wow, so Golden Wind Requiem traps those it kills in an endless death loop. That's some spin on a time manipulating ability compared to past stands.

A flashback as a finale sounds random. I was hoping they adapted some side story I heard is a proper epilogue to this series for the ending. Guess not.


The kids are all wrong
1. Run the Jewels are awesome.
I cannot disagree.
2. Couldn't find a current Dragon Ball thread, so let me say here that Master Roshi is utterly repulsive, especially in tonight's episode.
That episode made me dislike him officially.
3. What a weird yet compelling JoJo episode. Between Diavolo's eternal torment and the sheer strangeness of the epilogue, this is one of the most surreal installments yet.
It is kind of anticlimactic that they choose to focus the last episode-and-a-half on a side story instead of the final battle.


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