C&C - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "DIO’s World, Part 3" [8/4]

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Sep 30, 2005
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Jotaro Kujo
Voiced by: Matthew Mercer
Stand: Star Platinum
Ability: Strength and Precision
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - C / Durability - A / Precision - A / Developmental Potential - A
Namesake: The Star (tarot card)
Joseph’s grandson, Jotaro isn’t one for displaying his emotions and is a man of few words, but deep down has a gentle heart and will protect anybody close to him, especially if he has to beat the crap out of someone. Recently, he gained a mysterious power known as a Stand; Star Platinum is one of the most powerful Stands around, possessing incredible precision, speed, and strength. With his Stand, Star Platinum, he’s now made his way to Cairo to save his mother, facing off against the Joestar’s immortal enemy DIO to break his curse over her.

Joseph Joestar
Voiced by: Richard Epcar
Stand: Hermit Purple
Ability: Divination and Hamon
Stats: Destructive Power - D / Speed - C / Range - D / Durability - A / Precision - D / Developmental Potential - E
Namesake: The Hermit (tarot card)
Joseph Joestar once saved the world nearly 50 years ago, but since then retired from his Hamon training and became a real estate tycoon in America. However, after gaining his Stand, he sprung back into action once discovering that the evil DIO, who had taken his grandfather’s life, had reemerged from his hundred-year slumber. Alongside his grandson Jotaro, his friend Avdol, high schooler Kakyoin, Frenchman Polnareff, and a hotheaded dog named Iggy, Joseph set out on a 45 day journey to Egypt, on a race against time to defeat DIO and remove the curse afflicting his daughter Holly. Joseph’s Stand allows him to use spirit photography to help guide the Crusaders on their journey, as well as enhance his own Hamon abilities. Unfortunately, shortly after discovering DIO’s power to stop time and telling Jotaro this fact, DIO stabbed him in the throat with a knife, fatally wounding him.

Noriaki Kakyoin
Voiced by: Kyle Hebert
Stand: Hierophant Green
Abilities: Coiled body, marionette control, and Emerald Splash
Stats: Destructive Power - C / Speed - B / Range - A / Durability - B / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - D
Namesakes: Kakyoin (neighborhood in Sendai, Japan) / The Hierophant (tarot card)
Kakyoin originally worked for DIO, having been brainwashed by the vampire while on a family trip to Egypt, but was saved by Jotaro. Being a righteous individual determined to rid the world of evil and to repay his debt to Jotaro, Kakyoin joined the quest to defeat DIO. Kakyoin possessed a stand that could unravel itself like rope and fire emerald-like projectiles. After an encounter with the enemy shortly after arriving in Egypt, Kakyoin’s eyes were injured and he was taken out of commission for a while. However, thanks to the Speedwagon Foundation, he recovered and returned to help them defeat DIO once and for all. While Kakyoin survived to face DIO one-on-one, he was slaughtered by The World, but not before sacrificing himself to reveal its power to stop time.

Jean Pierre Polnareff
Voiced by: Doug Erholtz
Stand: Silver Chariot
Abilities: Speed and sword combat
Stats: Destructive Power - C / Speed - A / Range - C / Durability - B / Precision - B / Developmental Potential - C
Namesakes: Jean-Paul Belmondo (actor) / Michel Polnareff (musician) / The Chariot (tarot card)
Polnareff is a chivalrous Frenchman who met the Crusaders in Hong Kong. He was initially a minion of DIO but, like Kakyoin, was rescued from the brainwashing that had been placed on him. He had joined the group to avenge his sister, who was killed by the evil Stand user Centerfold. But after defeating his target, he continues onward with them across Egypt to end DIO’s evil reign and ensure no one else has to suffer. His Stand, Silver Chariot, is able to attack its enemies with high-speed swordplay.

Voiced by: Patrick Seitz
Stand: The World
Abilities: Vampirism (DIO) / Time Stop (The World)
Namesakes: DIO (Band) / The World (tarot card)
In the early 1880’s, a lower-class orphan by the name of Dio Brando was taken in by the upper-class Joestar family. With resentment for those of higher social status than him, Dio spent the next 7 years planning to take out the heir to the Joestar family, Jonathan Joestar, and claim its fortune. However, caught at a critical time in his plan, Dio used an ancient artifact the Joestars owned to become a vampire and began a new plot for world domination. Jonathan, along his friends, fought back against Dio, ending in a confrontation on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic which cost Jonathan’s life and sent Dio to a supposed watery grave. However, nearly a hundred years later, he was recovered by an unsuspecting group of treasure hunters, and given life anew in the modern age! Having gained possession of a mysterious Stand ability, the being now known simply as “DIO” wraps his insidious grasp around the world through agents also possessing Stands, in the resurrection of his plot to end the Joestar bloodline and dominate humanity!
While DIO has access to a Hermit Purple like Stand which allows him to monitor the progress of the Crusaders, this Stand in fact belongs to Jonathan’s body. DIO’s own Stand, “The World”, has a far more terrifying power: The ability to stop time for several seconds which, combined with DIO’s frightening speed as a vampire, gives him plenty of time to eliminate his enemies in less than the blink of an eye. DIO now faces off against the Crusaders himself, having already killed Kakyoin and possibly Joseph, his attention now turning toward Jotaro.


Episode 47 (73)
“DIO’s World, Part 3"
Chapters adapted: 256-262

Previously on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:
Kakyoin and Joseph swang from rooftop to rooftop with the help of their respective Stands while DIO pursued them by flying. Kakyoin reminisced on his friendless youth, then planned to use Hierophant Green's original ability to make itself invisible to force DIO to reveal The World's power. While Jotaro and Polnareff found the car crash, DIO was ambushed by Hierophant Green's invisible strings which attacked DIO when he touched them. DIO realized that he was surrounded while Kakyoin confronted him directly and Joseph carefully observed them.

Kakyoin launched a volley of Emerald Splash from all directions, when DIO suddenly disappeared and Kakyoin was violently propelled toward a water tank, a gaping hole in his stomach. Too weak to talk, Kakyoin used Emerald Splash on a nearby clock tower and destroyed the clock, then perished. Joseph fled again but understood that Kakyoin meant that DIO stopped the clock and thus has the power to stop time. This suspicion was confirmed in a flashback explaining how DIO evaded the attack and punched through Kakyoin.

When Joseph revealed that knowledge to DIO, the vampire was unimpressed and propelled him into the streets. Joseph barely managed to stop his fall and met Jotaro whom he warned about DIO, but was interrupted when DIO stopped time and threw a knife at his throat. Joseph lost consciousness and Jotaro approached DIO anyway to fight him, Star Platinum and The World beginning a violent barrage of fists.

Kakyoin faces off against DIO, determined to uncover the secret of The World’s power.


This week’s Jukebox is “Stargazer” by Dio. Like last week’s, there’s some interesting lyrics in here that may have influenced Araki during this arc. Specifically this part: “All eyes see the figure of the wizard, as he climbs to the top of the world. No sound, as he falls instead of rising. Time standing still, then there's blood on the sand. Oh, I see his face!”

  • The manga chapters which this episode covers can currently be found in the paperback Stardust Crusaders volumes 15 and 16. They will also be available in volume 10 of the hardcover releases, which should be released in February 2019 from Viz Media.
  • The events in this episode were previously adapted in episode 13 of the 90’s OVA.
  • The first 24 episodes of Stardust Crusaders, as well as the first season, are currently available on Bluray and DVD.
  • Please, no spoilers about upcoming events and future arcs. Even more so now that we’re in the final stretch of Part 3.


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Previously on JJBA: You've killed my grandfather, my friends, countless innocent people, you've put my mother in mortal danger, and you put me and my friends through a hellish journey halfway across the world. Let's do this.

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