C&C - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - "Chili Pepper, Part 2" [11/10]

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Sep 30, 2005
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Josuke Higashikata
Voiced by: Billy Kametz
Stand: Shining Diamond (JP: Crazy Diamond)
Ability: Strength, Speed, Precision, and Restoration
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - D / Durability - B / Precision - B / Developmental Potential - C
Namesake: “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” (Pink Floyd song)
Josuke is a high school student in the small Japanese town of Morioh, a kind teenager towards those he cares about and a badass toward those who get him angry (especially when insulting his hair). The son of Joseph Joestar from an affair, Josuke was tracked down by Jotaro to inform him of being included in Joseph’s will, but is about to be caught up in the family business of dealing with bizarre threats. Josuke’s Stand, Crazy Diamond, fits his personality to a T, being a destructive force similar to Star Platinum, but also capable of compassion by healing as well. However, it cannot heal Josuke, cannot revive the dead or heal illness. Also, if Josuke tries to “fix” something while upset, it may come out looking a bit weird.

Jotaro Kujo
Voiced by: Matthew Mercer
Stand: Star Platinum The World
Abilities: Strength, Speed, Precision, and Time Stop
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - C / Durability - A / Precision - A / Developmental Potential - A
Namesakes: The Star and The World (tarot cards)
The previous JoJo, Jotaro Kujo was a high school student when his grandfather Joseph took him on a global trek from Japan to Egypt in order to take down the vampire DIO, who had been a plague on his family’s bloodline for over a century. On the journey, he came to learn and master his Stand, Star Platinum, eventually gaining the same time-stopping abilities as DIO’s own Stand, The World, which he used to put an end to the demon once and for all. Now, a decade later, Jotaro is a marine biologist, and was helping his grandfather put together his will, when something odd came up which brings him to the small Japanese town of Morioh. Jotaro’s Stand, Star Platinum, has amazing strength, speed, and precision, which on its own makes it one of the most powerful Stands around. On top of this, with its added ability The World, which Jotaro learned during his fight with DIO, he can stop time for a second.

Koichi Hirose
Voiced by: Zach Aguilar
Stand: Reverb (JP: Echoes)
Ability: Sound Generation and Sound Effect
Stats: Destructive Power - E (ACT 1) C (ACT 2) / Speed - E (ACT 1) D (ACT 2) / Range - B / Durability - B / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - A
Namesake: The Hirose River (a river in Sendai, Hirohiko Araki’s hometown and the real life basis for Morioh) / Echoes (song by Pink Floyd)
A classmate of Josuke, Koichi is friendly and courageous, polite towards others, and possesses a gentle heart. He was initially meek and shy, but being around Josuke has helped him open up as a person. His Stand, Reverb, has the ability to physically generate words and sound effects that it can attach to people and objects, either creating an effect related to the sound effect or, in the case of words, being able to influence the thoughts of others. Unique among Stands, Reverb has two different “Acts”, a weaker form and a stronger one.

Okuyasu Nijimura
Voiced by: Jalen K. Cassell
Stand: The Hand
Ability: Elimination
Stats: Destructive Power - B / Speed - B / Range - D / Durability - C / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - C
Namesake: The Band (band)
Okuyasu Nijimura met Josuke under rocky circumstances involving his brother Keicho, but they’re becoming fast friends. He’s not too smart, but has a strong heart. His Stand, The Hand, is an extremely dangerous one capable of erasing space with its hand and closing the gap between, with its user having no knowledge where the erased material goes. While this Stand seems overpowered, it’s balanced out by the fact that Okuyasu is an idiot.

Chili Pepper (JP: Red Hot Chili Pepper)
Voiced by: Andrew Russell
Abilities: Electrical Absorption and Electrical Transfer
Stats: Destructive Power - A / Speed - A / Range - A / Durability - A / Precision - C / Developmental Potential - A
Namesake: Red Hot Chili Peppers (band)
Chili Pepper is the Stand belonging to a user who was stabbed with the Arrow by Keicho Nijimura. It can travel through electricity and unleash it upon others, the latter of which was the result of Keicho’s death. As its stats demonstrate, Chili Pepper is a dangerous and powerful Stand, and may prove a dangerous challenge for Josuke in the near future.

Joseph Joestar
Voiced by: Richard Epcar
Stand: Hermit Purple
Ability: Divination
Stats: Destructive Power - D / Speed - C / Range - D / Durability - A / Precision - D / Developmental Potential - E
Namesake: The Hermit (tarot card)
Back in 1939, Joseph Joestar trained in the art of Hamon and defeated the ancient Pillar Men, saving the world. 50 years later, he gained a Stand, Hermit Purple, which allows him the power of divination (giving him the power to do things such as generate images of faraway objects, reveal psychic messages through television audio, and create an accurate street map out of dust). While he has been happily married to his wife Suzie Q for 60 years, he once cheated on her with a Japanese college student named Tomoko Higashikata, the affair resulting in Josuke’s conception. Now he is making his way to Morioh to help with the recent issues surrounding the Bow and Arrow, something that will soon lead him to have to meet face-to-face with a son he’s never known.


Episode 12 (86)
“Chili Pepper, Part 2"
Chapters adapted: 311-314

Previously on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure:
Late on a school night, Tomoko angrily ordered Josuke to stop playing video games and do his homework, kicking him until he lost. After she left, Chili Pepper appeared out of the TV, revealing he had been spying on all the town's Stand users, and now felt confident enough to take Josuke on. The Stand was surprised by Crazy Diamond's strength, but it still managed to knock Josuke across the room before fleeing.

The next day, Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, and Jotaro met in a deserted field to discuss about Chili Pepper. Jotaro revealed that Joseph Joestar, his grandfather and Josuke's father, would be arriving at the port that day. Then, Chili Pepper, who had been hiding in the battery of Okuyasu's motorbike, emerged, having heard the entire conversation. It proclaimed it would attack Joseph, and took off with the bike, but not before Okuyasu took chase, using The Hand's power to teleport him onto the bike. The Hand destroyed the battery, draining Chili Pepper of its energy and leaving it extremely weakened.

Chili Pepper then goaded Okuyasu to finish him off, while Jotaro and the others told Okuyasu not to until they caught up. Okuyasu angrily gave in and attacked Chili Pepper, scraping it in half and erasing part of the ground. However, it turned out there were underground wires directly below Chili Pepper, something it knew in advanced, and it used the wires to make a getaway. With Joseph's boat close to landfall, the chase is on to save him from Chili Pepper and its user.

The group arrives at the port, where they at last meet Chili Pepper’s user face-to-face.


This week’s Jukebox song is “Knock Me Down” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • JoJo will be off next week for a marathon of Attack on Titan season 3. It will, however, be airing Thanksgiving weekend.
  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volumes 33 and 34 of the Japanese manga release.
  • The second half of Stardust Crusaders will be releasing on Bluray and DVD in January 2019. The first half of Part 3, as well as the first season (Parts 1 and 2), are currently available.
  • Please, no spoilers about upcoming events and future arcs. If you’d like to discuss Part 5, Golden Wind, there’s a discussion thread on the Anime board.


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