C&C - Hunter x Hunter - "Infiltration × and × Selection" [6/9]

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Sep 30, 2005
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Opening theme: "Departure!" by Masatoshi Ono [VERSION 5]
Ending theme: "Nagareboshi Kirari" by Yuzu

Episode 98
"Infiltration × and × Selection"
Chapters adapted: 230-231

This time:
As Killua and Gon temporarily part ways to prepare for their upcoming attack on the King’s palace, Gon is watched from the shadows by the chameleon-like Meleoron.

  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volume 22 of the manga release.
  • Hunter x Hunter Set 4, containing episodes 51-75, will be releasing on Bluray/DVD on June 26th from Viz Media. The three previous Bluray/DVD sets, containing the first 50 episodes, are available now.
  • The first movie, “Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge”, is now available on Bluray and DVD.


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Nov 9, 2016
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This was a mostly setup/exposition episode. We did get to see Gon kick that snake guy's butt. (I was thinking more on the lines of Donkey Kong Country than One Piece). Next episode should be where the real action starts.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Episode 98 was pretty sweet,

Both Hagya, Flutter, and Hina to be Mereum's new top servants, I hope Mereum doesn't kill them as much as I love them, after poor Peggy's death wish.

Gon/Killua infiltrating the Republic of East Gorteau rather easily was great.

From Killua, yikes, that's pretty horrible from the Republic of East Gorteau, I don't want live in that country:ack:.

When Gon defeats Neferpitou, poor Kite will be saved.

Love Meleoron, he's the next Chimera Ant to attack, he's lucky to not be caught by Gon/Killua though.

This "Ming Jol-ik", a horrible dangerous villain/biggest unsympathetic monster worse than Mereum/The Chimera Ants.

Knuckle/Shoot's argument, the poor guys, but the best new allies though.

Love Snake the snake/naga Chimera Ant.

Gon vs. Snake was great, Snake doing the Bellamy reference and easily gets crushed, the poor loser, hehehe:p.

Love Bat/Hollow, great new Chimera Ant minions, the bat-girl Chimera Ant is hot:D, Gon vs. Bat/Hollow begins, great cliffhanger.

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was okay. It was primarily setup for the future, but it was a bit too dialogue heavy to be as engaging as it could be. I do think that they were hinting at something with Killua's comment towards Gon shortly before they split up. The country does sound pretty terrible even without the Chimera Ants' involvement and the fact that they're in a position where they have to sacrifice innocent people to save more of them certainly isn't good either. At least there was a bit of action with Gon's fights, but it didn't make the episode too memorable. Overall, it was an okay episode.