C&C - Hunter x Hunter - "Approval × And × Coalition" [5/25]

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Bites the Dust
Sep 30, 2005
The Grid

Opening theme: "Departure!" by Masatoshi Ono [VERSION 6]
Ending theme: "Hyōri Ittai" by Yuzu [VERSION 2]​


Gon Freecss
Voiced by: Erica Mendez
Gon is a young boy from Whale Island who became a Hunter to venture the world and find his father. His quest eventually led him to meet a Hunter named Kite and become involved with a battle against a destructive species known as Chimera Ants. The war against the Ants was long with many casualties, including Kite, which drove Gon to the breaking point in which he sacrificed his ability to use Nen to gain a temporary boost of power strong enough to take out one of the Ant King’s Royal Guard. In the aftermath, he has fallen into a coma with life-threatening injuries.

Killua Zoldyck
Voiced by: Christina Vee
Killua is the youngest son of the Zoldycks, a family of assassins known the world over. After meeting Gon, the two quickly became best friends and he followed alongside Gon at every turn of his journey. He also overcame personal obstacles in the fight against the Chimera Ants, but became incredibly distraught as he gradually saw how damaged his friend had become at the same time. With Gon now hospitalized, Killua is seeking out any way he can to heal his friend, even if it means rekindling some old family ties.

Leorio Paradinight
Voiced by: Matt Mercer
Leorio is hot-headed on the surface, but has a good heart. He became a Hunter to gain the resources to pay for medical school, so that he may become a doctor and help children in poor nations. While he’s been working on his degree for the past year, once he heard about Gon’s condition, he took a break to see his friend and confront Gon’s father. The resulting encounter has caused him to gain a lot of respect from the larger Hunter community.

Alluka Zoldyck
Voiced by: Xanthe Huynh
The second youngest member of the Zoldyck family, Alluka has the ability to grant wishes to anyone who fulfills three of their requests. But this power comes with various rules and trade-offs, many of which can bring a terrible fate upon the wisher if they’re not careful.

Hisoka Morow
Voiced by: Keith Silverstein
An intimidating and mysterious character, Hisoka is bloodthirsty and willing to kill whoever he has to in order to advance his questionable goals. For a long time, his primary target has been the Phantom Troupe’s leader, Chrollo Lucifer, whom Hisoka wishes to fight to the death. After the battle in Yorknew, however, Chrollo was left unable to use Nen thanks to Kurapika and went into exile until he could recover it. Since then, Hisoka has been obsessed with finding where Chrollo had run off to, an obsession that left him M.I.A. during the Chimera Ant incident. With strong Hunters from around the world gathering for the election, Hisoka has reemerged and is catching up on the events he missed, including Gon’s current condition.

Illumi Zoldyck
Voiced by: Chris Hackney
Killua's older brother, he is a deadly assassin who has partnered with Hisoka in the past and has just as devious motives.

The Zoldyck Family Butlers

The loyal servants of the Zoldyck family. Notable members include the now-deceased Gotoh (Joe J. Thomas), who was the head butler of the family, and Canary (Mela Lee), an apprentice butler, both of whom are very loyal to Killua in particular.

The Zodiacs

A group of strong Hunters who were appointed by Netero to act as his counselors (and sparring partners), including deciding who will fill in to replace him.
(Detailed bios in spoiler box, listed left to right):
Pariston Hill (Kyle McCarley) - The Rat and current Vice Chairman, Pariston is incredibly charismatic and enjoys playing games, even concerning serious situations. At the same time, he’s sly and corrupt, allegedly being indirectly involved in the disappearance of 18 hunters over the past three years.
Mizaistom Nana (Armen Taylor) - The Ox and a Double-Star Crime Hunter, Mizaistom is a silent observer who thinks before he acts. He is very analytical and sticks to a rigid moral code, acting as the conscious of the Zodiacs.
Kanzai (Alejandro Saab) - The Tiger and a Treasure Hunter, Kanzai is very short-tempered and impulsive, often getting into arguments with others. He’s also rather ignorant about certain things, lending to his childlike behavior.
Pyon (Kayli Mills) - The Rabbit and a Paleograph Hunter, Pyon is laid-back and usually seen on her phone. She’s also very resourceful and can even be manipulative if need be.
Botobai Gigante (Jason Marnocha) - The Dragon and a Terrorist Hunter, Botobai is a collected man and rarely loses his temper. As a Terrorist Hunter, he specializes in geopolitics, legal affairs, and military operations.
Gel (Maureen Price) - The Snake and a Poison Hunter, Gel is a calm and reflective woman, as well as quite reasonable, generally showing no hostility towards others, with the exception of Pariston. She appears to have the ability to turn her arm into a snake.
Saccho Kobayakawa - The Horse and a Double-Star Problem Hunter, Saccho is a calm and collected man, who often considers the implications and downsides of a scenario in detail.
Ginta - The Sheep and a Poacher Hunter, Ginta is a very emotional man, being the only one of the Zodiacs to openly cry over Netero’s death, and also short-tempered, such as his outburst of rage at the idea of Pariston becoming Chairman. But he is also observant, knowing full well that Hisoka only attended the voting to gauge the powers of the other Hunters.
Cluck (Jeannie Tirado) - The Chicken and a Botanical Hunter, Cluck is short-tempered and blunt, and she is unafraid to voice her discontent. When enraged, she tends to repeat herself and to yell at people to "shut up".
Saiyu (Christopher Bevins) - The Monkey and a Blacklist Hunter, Saiyu is direct in his manner and speech, not afraid to be rude or unkind towards people like Pariston and Ging. He can summon a staff which can grow and shrink in size.
Cheadle Yorkshire (Cherami Leigh) - The Dog and a Triple-Star Disease Hunter, Cheadle is a calm and intellectual person, with a well-defined moral compass. She is very practical minded and generally collected, though she will snap at people like Ging who are too carefree.
Ging Freecss (Marc Diraison) - The Boar and a Double-Star Ruins Hunter, Ging is shy and stubborn, but has a childlike enthusiasm, being carefree and eccentric. No matter how impossible something may seem, Ging always goes for a goal, making sure to enjoy the journey along the way. Due to his constant travels, and his own personality, Ging hasn’t seen Gon since his son was a baby. But he has left various clues along the way, preparing Gon for the day they’ll eventually meet.

Episode 144
"Approval × And × Coalition"
Chapters adapted: 331-333

Last time:
Illumi and Hisoka easily defeated all the Hunters sent after them. Finally cornered by Illumi, Killua was forced to reveal another rule to Alluka's abilities. Illumi, satisfied, allowed Killua to leave, but promised that until Alluka's powers are completely revealed, she'll never be free. Hisoka then proceeded to kill Teradein.

This time:
Cheadle confronts Ging about Pariston, while Leorio gives his speech before the voting members.

  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volume 32 of the manga release.
  • Episodes 1-99 are currently available across five Bluray/DVD sets from Viz Media. The two movies, “Phantom Rouge” and “The Last Mission”, are also now available.


Yes, have some.
Staff member
Jul 13, 2003
Pariston stole a whole bunch of the Chimera Ant cocoons and plans to rain them down... WTH is with this guy?! I hope that's not what the next arc is about.

Rather amusing each candidate told the Hunters another candidate was better suited to be the next chairman. Also amusing is Leorio getting himself into this situation and in 2nd place to boot. I don't see him winning but I could potentially see him joining the Zodiacs or some position within the organization since he's become rather popular.


Nov 7, 2004
Episode 144 was sweet,

Ging is gonna meet Gon, and voting for Cheadle was great though.

Pariston can be ruthless/insane on stealing a bunch of Chimera Ant cocoons to have fun/cause trouble, both Hisoka/Pariston are so alike seeing the world as their playground to them, my two favorite best horrible anime villains:D.

Ickshonpe, cool interesting random bizarre character with speaks by the cue cards, hehehe.

Biscuit, Hanzo, Melody, Goreinu, Palm, Knuckle, Meleoron, and Ikalgo standing guard with the Zoldyck butlers was sweet, cool seeing Biscuit, Melody, and Hanzo, they are awesome:D.

Killua/Alluka finally arriving at the hospital to save Gon was sweet.

With only four candidates left, the election drawing to its conclusion is great.

Leorio getting himself in this situation in the election was funny, hahahahaha.

Cheadle to vote for Leorio was sweet.

Leorio to not want to be elected was great, he can join the Zodiacs in the future for a great position.

Leorio's speech was amazing/heartwarming on wanting Gon to be saved, best supporting friend ever:anime:, so Light Lucario's favorite best Leorio moment.

Basho, Tsezguerra, and Linssen giving their applause to Leorio's great speech was sweet, nice seeing Basho, Linssen, and Tsezguerra:D.

Pariston to want Gon to be healed was nice, nice that he has a soft spot though.

Mizaistom's reason to not want to be Chairman was interesting.

The Hunters to vote at the end is gonna be great.

Gold Guy

Two is always better than one
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Dec 14, 2008
New York City
I would definitely vote for Leorio.

Pariston is the kind of guy who would make the sweetest promises and then...well, he'd probably actually follow through, but he'd do it in the shadiest way possible.
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Light Lucario

Staff member
May 11, 2007
In a Dream World
I thought that this episode was pretty good. It was nice to see that Killua and Alluka finally arrived to the hospital, even though it might be awhile before Alluka can heal Gon. It is kind of ironic that Leorio has gotten so much attention despite not having much experience or even desire to be in the election. Everyone else wanted the people to vote for someone else, mainly so that Pariston wouldn't win, but Leorio didn't have time for that.

Leorio's speech was quite heartfelt and touching. He's been focused so much on his own goal of becoming a doctor that he didn't realize how much danger Gon was putting himself in. Granted, I still don't think Gon was being as selfless as Leorio thought he was during the Chimera Ant arc. I'm positive that he wouldn't have gone this far if he wasn't focused on saving and then later avenging Kite, but considering Leorio's own backstory and how he was able to have fun while Gon was fighting for his life, I could see why that made him feel guilty. Despite being such an inexperienced Hunter, Leorio's sincere and heartfelt plea for people to save Gon or to tell him what he could do to save him was really sweet. I think that kind of emotional sincerity really spoke to a lot of people. It seemed like they were already planning to vote for Leorio even before Pariston got his turn.

Leorio winning the election would certainly be a huge twist and could shake things up for the Hunter Association too, but I don't know if they'd go in that direction myself. They'd have to find some way to defeat Pariston and Leorio winning would certainly limit his influence within the organization. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.
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