C&C - Hunter x Hunter - "A × False × Revenge" [11/3]

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Sep 30, 2005
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Opening theme: "Departure!" by Masatoshi Ono [VERSION 5]
Ending theme: "Hyōri Ittai" by Yuzu [VERSION 1]​


Episode 118
"A × False × Revenge"
Chapters adapted: 279-281

This time:
Youpi and Knuckle’s fight continues, while Ikalgo searches for Palm.

  • The chapters which this episode covers can be found in volumes 26 and 27 of the manga release.
  • Episodes 1-75 are currently available across four Bluray/DVD sets from Viz Media.
  • The first movie, “Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge”, is now available on Bluray and DVD.


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Jul 13, 2003
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I thought for a hot second that Ikalgo was going to kill Bolster and take over his body since he needs a new cover and that's a pretty decent offensive attack. At least he's good at gyo...

Alright, Killua. Saving Knuckle and getting the cool pose ending.

Interesting but alarming that Youpi is getting smarter.


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Nov 7, 2004
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Episode 118 was pretty sweet,

Menthuthuyoupi the best smartest Royal Guard Chimera Ant to draw Knuckle out.

Morel planning to stall Shaiapouf was great though.

Ikalgo off saving Palm was sweet.

Those poor women will be saved and Bizeff will be takened down a peg.

Ikalgo seeing Palm's message was great, Palm is still alive, got captured, poor Palm.

Bloster my favorite best Chimera Ant next to Neferpitou, Welfin, Koala, and Cheetu:D, a lobster with claws for guns is so cool.He was smart to know about "Flutter"'s betrayal.

Ikalgo was awesome/smart to hide from Bloster to escape to find his teammates.

Knuckle awesome to worry for Shoot's safety and ready to pound Menthuthuyoupi was awesome, so love Knuckle/Shoot:anime:.

Killua saving Knuckle shocking Menthuthuyoupi was awesome.

Seeing Menthuthuyoupi get shocked/pounded from Killua/Knuckle was satisfying.

Knuckle happy for what he did was sweet/funny and off to take Shoot to the hospital was sweet.

Killua with a cool entrance showing up to fight Menthuthuyoupi is awesome, epic cliffhanger, cool to see Killua get some fighting action:D.

I'm sad Biscuit is not there to join Gon/Killua and crew:sad:, she's awesome/useful.
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Nov 9, 2016
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When I watching this episode, i was thinking about how easy it would be for Ikalgo to just use the truck to run over Bloster. Killua's epic entrence was a highlight and the Killua vs Youpi fight looks legit based off the footage from a recent Toonami promo.

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Dec 14, 2008
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One of my favorite parts of the last two episodes (and this part in the manga) is Youpi's growing intelligence. I never liked the strong but not too bright villain stereotype, so I'm glad Togashi went the extra mile to make sure that Youpi wasn't entirely brainless. Gotta love a villain that manages to come up with a plan that negates the hero's (Knuckles) plan. Good thing for Killua.

Not that Youpi is a genius either, that'd be unrealistic. We all saw how his brain almost overloaded when he was trying to think about what he should do first...


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Nov 9, 2016
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I almost forgot to mention, the sleazy human who's working with the chimera ants is still a disturbing character. All the women seem to be his sex slaves or something. I'm sure most of us are hoping he dies.

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May 11, 2007
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I thought that this episode was pretty good. Ikago not being able to find Palm wasn't surprising, but at least she left a message. I don't know if they'd have her die off-screen, but it is possible since trying to find out where she is in the mist of all of these battles is a subplot during this stretch of the arc. Ikago's cover wasn't blown, but he did lose the body he was using. I also thought that he would somehow kill Bloster and use his body since he needed another way of getting around.

Knuckle's plan was pretty good and it seemingly would have worked if Youpi didn't become smarter. Knuckle talking to himself so long while he was in mid-air was kind of funny, especially when he wasn't sure why he was even fighting this hard for Shoot. I was so sure that Knuckle was about to die and that would have made me sad since he is so likable, but fortunately Knuckle used Thunderbolt and it was super effective against Youpi. At least that gave Knuckle some time to land a few punches on Youpi, heal their pride a bit and then rush off to get Shoot to a hospital. I don't know if Shoot can be that far away from Youpi and have his attack still affect his body, but at least they'll hopefully be safe for the time being. Killua fighting against Youpi should be pretty good if the newest Toonami motivational video is any indication. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.