C&C - FLCL Progressive - "Our Running" [SEASON FINALE] [7/7]

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Sep 3, 2006
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So where were we? Ah yes:

Disneyland is harvesting the N.O. of an entire school full of lovesick teenagers to combat Medical Mecchanica;

Ide has been sucked into Hidomi's forehead;

Hidomi is now part-cyborg (yes, I know the difference) and is now fighting Haruko atop a rollercoaster;

and if the promos are to be believed, Atomsk might make an appearance.

If none of this makes sense to you, that's normal. It wouldn't be FLCL if it did on the first watch, now would it?

15p3hb5.png 2uesdhl.png

FLCL Progressive
Episode 6 - "Our Running"

The battle between the Interstellar Immigration Bureau and Medical Mechanica reaches its climax while Haruko baits Hidomi into using her N.O. energy to trap Atomsk.

Oh, and one last curve ball - we've gone TV-MA now.

Enjoy the finale and subsequent reruns, then meet back here in September for FLCL Alternative.
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Sep 11, 2009
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Previously on FLCL: That's right kids! Go to the amusement park! Play the games! Ride the rides! Fall in love! Have your brain borked by N.O. channels! And witness the return of the space pirate Atomsk!

And with the return of Atomsk, I think this song is all too appropriate to close out FLCL Progressive.