C&C - FLCL Progressive - "Freebie Honey" [6/9]

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The kids are all wrong
Sep 3, 2006
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I would have had this up sooner, except I didn't know if I would be continuing starting the talkback threads for this show.

It's been confirmed in the News & Discussion thread that I will be in charge of the talkback for this FLCL revival. For an anime franchise with this type of notoriety, I feel truly honored.

FLCL Progressive
Episode 2 - "Freebie Honey"

Hidomi wakes up from yet another dream of her becoming a zombie; at school, Haruko gives her a handout to bring to Ide, who didn't show up to class.
Normally this is the part where I say some humorous variant of "no spoilers," but I believe we're ALL watching this for the first time, so...