C&C - FLCL Alternative - "Flying Memory" [9/8]

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Sep 3, 2006
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The original FLCL was through the eyes of a sixth-grader.

FLCL Progressive focused on a group of middle-schoolers.

It seems only natural that its third incarnation would take place in a high school.

Welcome to FLCL Alternative, the second of Toonami's sequel series and the final chapter of the trilogy (well, unless they decide to do a "FLCL Grunge" series that takes place in college or something).

If I remember correctly from its April Fools' Day stealth premiere (and the promos), this series will focus on a group of high school friends on the verge of graduating, wondering what will happen to them with all of these endless possibilities stretched out before them. This is of course FLCL, what with the giant irons and robots and the omnipresent, unpredictable Haruko Haruhara, so wherever the showmakers take it from there is anybody's guess.

In the weeks since Progressive ended, I've done some thinking about the whole theme of this show, and I've come up with some thoughts about the meanings of the various elements therein. I'm not going to share them, however, until Alternative ends, so I can adjust my theories accordingly.

In the meantime, I'm going to see what this season has to offer, and I hope you will too.

FLCL Alternative
Episode 1 - "Flying Memory"

Kana Koumoto, a cheerful 17-year-old, can often be a klutz and nosey. One day, while hanging out with her best friends Pets, Mossan, and Hijiri, they start making a rocket using empty soda bottles.

I've saved these last two words for those of us who were here around midnight ET on March 31st:

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Nov 12, 2010
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So before Alternative premieres, I felt compelled to share a couple of videos recently uploaded that both expresses relatively uncommon opinions about Progressive.

While all deal with coming of age in some manner, the way one deals with it can vary from person-to-person. This is why despite having always been a straight dude, I get where Zeria's coming from. I never related that much to Naota's personal experiences despite the fact I happened to be his age when the series first premiered on Adult Swim. Interestingly, I connected more to Hidomi's experience in Progressive, namely her miscommunication with her mother and her complete lack of communication with her father not being around.

This is why I have felt increasingly intrigued with these sequels to be when I realized that they would tackle different stages in one's young life through their respective protagonists. I felt generally satisfied with Progressive as a result and hope to feel similar to Alternative as I watch it.


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Sep 11, 2009
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Previously on FLCL: Haruko's plans, once again, went up in smoke, but at least Hidomi got her happy ending.

And now for the first episode of FLCL Alternative...again! Only this time without moonspeak.

Oh, and since this is FLCL: Alternative, here's the first of six alternative rock songs to accompany it.



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Sep 11, 2009
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So this time we have a group of teenage girls.

There's the main girl, the best friend, the fat girl, and the hot girl. A regular female Breakfast Club.

Let's just hope they don't remake Ghostbusters.

You're mixing up Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella there.

Oh hai Dean Venture.


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